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In Topic: Goblin Deuce Mods

16 December 2011 - 04:48 PM

i use my tiberius to shoot FS rounds all day long and as stated before, your gunna want to have your bore either matching or a hair bigger, reason being, after i've shot about 80-100 rounds, i notice a film in the barrel ( it's the fins rubbing and leaving a little residue) so over time it will get a round stuck and thats a hassel. so a little over bored would rock for sure. and checking your barrel will help with this problem too. hope it helps.

In Topic: Cheapest form of paintball

14 December 2011 - 06:39 PM

you dont need to use 12g's to run a t9.1, just when you purchase it ask them to change the air feed to the rear tank, its an internal thing, i have done it before between games to change modes of play ( from side arm to main hand) . also aside from the remote line, and the hopper, the pistol is running fully stock class.

In Topic: Cheapest form of paintball

14 December 2011 - 12:25 PM

At Flagswipe's outdoor field ( putnam Ontario canada), they had a event last year and it will be going again, a LAT game, Limited ammo tactical, and it was amasing, could only enter the game with 150 balls, and had objectives to get, or secure, or even disarm.

i used my t9.1 with a remote line, in the clips i had some FS rounds for annoying folks at long range, and my hopper with the remaining, i believe in total i used 500 balls all day and like 20 FS rounds, i used to burn threw paint till i got my pistol, even with a bigger hopper on it, i used less because of the way the gun preforms and handles. and im buying a airow gun for pure LAWLZ, so big games at flagswipe keep your eyes out for it :P

In Topic: Accuracy, who really cares?

08 December 2011 - 09:20 PM

i definatly care about my gun and gunk in it, i got a t9.1 depending on the day depends on the pieces i attach, but if aball or two breaks i have to get her clean or it will start to preform like garbage, sometimes tho if it broke down the barrel more, i have switched to first strikes and cleared the paint out well in mid fire fight. but clean it asap

In Topic: Woodsball vs Airsoft?

25 November 2011 - 12:05 PM

the main difference i see between the two sports, is tht in paintball if the paint breaks you have a clear indication that a person is out, or should be. a friend of mine plays milsim i went out to watch, and i stared and watched and i never seen nothing hit the guy, but he turned and walked off, saying he was hit. i love the real looking guns for sure, but the fact you could have one dick out there just playing on, and no real indictation that he/she has been hit. other than them admiting it themselves and being honest about it.