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In Topic: Too many choices...

13 July 2012 - 03:56 AM

PE Etek LT, Proto Rail, PE Etha, Empire Axe/Mini, Tippmann Crossover (board on this one isn't as good), FX Fusion
That's about all I can recall as far as new goes.

Since you seem to play often, I would recommend looking up what each on looks like online and get current prices and color options. Pick all the ones you like and go find someone with one and try it. Its impossible to get a feel for a markers vibration, noise, and ergonomics over the internet. And these three characteristics are the only real things that separate markers these days. All the boards are about the same, max bps, modes, etc. So usually people wind up picking their marker for how it feels in their hands. So pick all the ones online in your price range and then find them on the field and ask the owner if you can hold it and/or fire it. Ask the owner what he likes about it and what he doesn't, maybe even he'll let you see how to maintain it since that sounded important to you.

In Topic: Apex2 breaking paint

13 July 2012 - 03:55 AM

How are paintballs between woods and speed so different? Is it an accuracy or range difference that you're supposed to look for?

The only difference for my is how brittle. In speedball you want brittle paint to guarantee breaks and kills. But in woodsball, brittle paint gets shredd by bruch and leaves before reaching its target. For woodsball you want more accuracy as well because you tend to deal with longer ranges more often, so for woods ball I look for very round and stronger but still brittle shells. If the ball is nice and round, not oblong/dimbled/crack/noticeable seems, it will fly more true on average. You still want brittle shells so they don't bounce at long range but you want something that take force to break open but cracks like an egg rather than pops and stays intact.

If its strong, round, and shatters into pieces, its about as good as you'll get.

In Topic: Dm4 shooting slowly

13 July 2012 - 03:33 AM

Well, at the very least maybe I can help narrow down the problems. Can you hear the solenoid clicking between shots. That would mean the board is fine and your having problems recharging your spool valve fast enough. In fact you can take the thing apart and check if the solenoid sounds about right without having to fire the marker. If its not the board then I would take the bolt system out and make sure its lubed nicely and that each moving parts slides nicely, replacing any orings won't hurt. I'd guess your getting bolt stick for some reason, that would be the least difficult to fix. If that doesn't help then I'd go with recharge problems, which is fixed by relubing/cleaning/rebuilding/replacing your HPR and/or LPR. Especially your LPR, since most spool valve guns use the LPR pressure to cycle the marker, low lpr pressure would definitely slow down the movement of your bolt.

Unfortunately I've never taken a DM4 apart so I don't know much about them. But if the lpr pressure is adjustable then just try turning it up a little and see if that helps.

In Topic: pinokio?

13 July 2012 - 03:25 AM

$90 is a lot unless it barely used. They go on sale now and then for $99.99 brand new. Ansgear.com had that not too long ago. Besides, Pinokio is developing a new hopper called the F1, the old ones should drop a good bit once the F1 hits the market. Unfortunately no release info is available yet.

In Topic: Pinokio questions?

13 July 2012 - 03:21 AM

theres a reason why you tilt your loader in when you're shooting. Besides that from the front it's not bad and from the side it really doesnt matter. Your going to get hit no matter what loader you're using.

I have a dye rotor and its great but width wise it isn't that much smaller and I actually find how low it sits more annoying than not. It can be tough to work the jam fin, especially if I'm wearing gloves (cold weather).
And hopper profile doesn't matter if your shooting from the side of a bunker, it only matters if your shooting over top. Which isn't likely/frequent in speedball.

The pinokio doesn't seem much wider anyways, just taller. And it does hold like 60ish more rounds. Depending on your play style that could be pretty significant.