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Autococker Sr Help

27 November 2015 - 01:33 PM

My autococker sr's board screen died. So if anyone has any information on where i could get a replacement board/screen or a schematic I would be very greatful. I'm adept at surface mount soldering and have all the tools lying around so dont be afraid to mention anything. I'd even consider any other boards that are known to fit without changing the frame. I was also considering programming a little microcontroller if I can find one the might fit and take 9v.


Personally I could really use if anyone could tell me which connectors are which on the board so i can test it on my oscillascope. But I cant tell the eyes from the power switch and the two solenoids apart since the connector is the same. Also info on how to reset the gun board would be nice to have.


ANy advice welcome, Thanks!