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In Topic: Planet Eclipse Vs Macdev

20 December 2011 - 01:18 PM

its like comparing apples and oranges

macdev and PE have been making markers of their own for the same amount of time

dev sonic cyborg 05
planet eclipse ego 05
macdev made the borg in 04
both companies were involved in pball long before that yet Pe is easily 10 times the size of macdev....
macdev is a smaller company but is growing quickly

Pe has 3 solid popular platforms (ego, geo, etek) with a 4th (im betting dollars on) coming in the form of the etha
macdev has 1 in the droid/clone (they are the same base drifetrain and layout) (the drone and rx cyborg not being anywhere even close to "popular")
doesn't mean anything. pe markets their crap to every little nooblet. macdev lets their products speak for themselves. i bought an 06 borg sight unseen and have been shooting their guns only since 09. many others can say the same.
macdev has 1-2 pro teams
eclipse has 6-10 teams
would be lucky if macdev sponsored 20 teams world wide
Pe would easily sponsor 100+ teams world wide

again, doesn't mean shit

Pe is renowned (spelling) for not only its guns but its soft goods bags etc.
macdev isnt
overpriced pants and t-shirts...

talking guns
the cyborg rx failed to be the "ego killer" that everyone pegged it at... had inherrent issues and simply wasnt popular
the rx was kind of a bust. great features but should have kept it the same as the 07 borg internally. my 07 shoots better than teammates ego11's and others agree.
droid/clone has taken 5 drivetrain changes to get it to the vx stage no, and besides. how many different types of engines does the geo have?
and has 23 orings just on the drivetrain alone.... i think the geo 1-2 doesnt even have 23 orings in the entire gun
pulling numbers out of your ass. there is 9 moving orings in all including bolt tip oring and another 6 stagnate orings . and i used a droid for 2 seasons. never had one problem.

the geos has nearly 1/4 the orings and requires 1/4 the maintanence but has 9/10th the performance of the clone vx..... which is a rediculous feat in itself
personal opinion. many people don't like the geo2. some (including me) thinks the geo1 was better but more and more poepl around me are getting clones and love them.

and the customer service is night and day between the 2.... you only have to go onto pbnation to see PE employees actively chasing people having issues with their guns... while macdev owners have to chase dev and suffer long waiting periods this i agree with

simply rating macdev higher cause X gun shoots nicer than its less demanding more reliable PE equivalant is wrong IMHO...

if you really look at it, macdev beats eclipse by miles in everythign but looks and cs

In Topic: Asmodia255 final sale thread, no trades please.

09 December 2011 - 07:12 PM

i can get what you want for the gearbag. better pics?
i'm in nor east ohio

edit: nvm

In Topic: Why is everyone obsessed with smoothness and "recoil"?

08 December 2011 - 03:18 PM

i've only shot spoolies since i started playing this year.

I got to shoot a cyborg RX and an ego8 and they both kicked significantly more than my spoolies.

I found it hard to 1 or 2 shot with the poppits. I'd have to reset after every shot. I found it hard to aim because of the kick.

it's different if you're shooting ropes of paint because once the streams are going and the gun is working, it's no different.

man, ur doing something wrong with that cyborg. i just bought the last brand new 07 borg availible and shot as smooth as my broken in upped droid at the same velocity (my droid was as smooth as matrixes). idk how the rx is tho but the older ones are pure butter.

In Topic: 560 dollar budget for a gun?

11 November 2011 - 10:50 PM

cyborg is amazing. never owed an rx but the 06 and 07 are simply amazing. just snagged the last brand new 07 and crhonoed out of the box in the 280fps range. shoots as smooth as my upped broken in droid.,,,and as quiet too.
smooth and as quiet as the best spoolies (dm's, droids, shockers) and easier to maintain than egos.

In Topic: macdev drone dx vs. used 2009 geo

10 November 2011 - 01:28 PM

i'd go drone cause macdev has been my favorite company for a while. reliable, feels great in the hands, and shoots amazingly smooth and efficient. never shot a drone but have owned many droids, cyborgs and clones.
the drone operates at a lower pressure than the geo and has fewer parts. better barrel and better reg.
both will be pretty similar tho