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In Topic: I did a bad!

09 May 2013 - 07:51 PM

sounds like a soloniod problem make sure u plugged it in all the way or like everyone else said take it back apart also dont over lube it and make sure all of ur o rings are on it good and make sure everything is snug and tight i used to have a 2011 rail and never had this problem when taking it apart to clean it

In Topic: $50-$70 hoppers, masks, $100 tanks?

09 May 2013 - 07:47 PM

i actually have a Proto EL Switch mask lol it was my first and i still ahve it however its just like a rental mask lol they are buly heavy and not comftorble the chin part goes down far so it often hits my 68/4500 tank when im holding the gun but i actually am getting a eflex for my b day this sunday so yea but i have heard the proflex is kick ass and i wanted some E-Vents a while ago and why not combine the 2?

In Topic: proto matrix rail vs empire axe vs dp fx vs etek 4 lt

09 May 2013 - 07:43 PM

i personally baught an ETEK 3LT over the FX Fusion and i love my desision the DP FX is cheap boxy feeling and just isnt as nice as the planet eclpise etek i know the new etek 4 isnt really much of a change from the etek 3 other than milling and the cure 4 bolt I THINK but i would tell anyone to go with the ETEK... for the axe VS the reflex rail i would go RAIL the new nones are just like a DYE DM they are super nice and i had one when they first came out in 2011 and i LOVED it but i recently got into popet guns because of air efficency the rail is kinda an air hog at least my 2011 rail was but it is a very quiet soft shooting gun and VERY comftorble in the hands hope this helped!