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In Topic: Help moving want to play paintball in shanghai china

28 October 2011 - 06:31 AM

at paintballmasta. if you are still looking to play pm me or email me.

So could u help me because im moving to shanghai and looking to play speedball at a place there that fills hpa tanks and will be a good place for a person who play speeball like me do any of u know any places to play speedball in shanghai???

As far as I know possessing paintball markers is banned in China (even though a ton of markers are built in China) - I know Hong Kong has different laws regarding paintball (and has some indoor venues for recball) but as far as Shanghai goes, I haven't heard of anything related to paintball happening. There was supposed to be a special tournament held in Hainan in September but because the organisers couldn't get the government to sign off on all the legal paperwork, the organisers had to cancel the event.