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Ballin my whole lyfe

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Ul'd stdm5 for f/s/t.

29 October 2011 - 07:15 PM

Got my trusty stdm5 up for sale today. She shoots as smooth as any other "newschool" dm out there.
Will throw in a tub of hater marmalade lube!!!

Apparently, according to the previous owner, this gun was teched by mike himself. While that could be complete bullshit, I'm sure if you cared enough you could track him down and see if he recognize's it.

Marker: Ul'd shocktech dm5. (Private label)
Condition: 8.25/10 (One tiny scratch, check pictures)
Color:Blue with black frame.
Upgrades: Blue laser eyes, cp on/off(turns very easy), and a cp reg.
Known Problems: She needs to be kept lubed, or she will leak.
Asking Price:300 OBO!!
Shipping Options: Usps priority mail, with tracking number.
Trades of interest: Oldschool egos <3. Can add some cash/gear for the right ego.
Location of item: Downeastern Maine.
What is Included:Blue/silver dye ul barrel.

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name change?

29 October 2011 - 06:29 PM

I just joined, and got confused with the username and display name. I was wondering if i could get "ballin my whole lyfe" changed to oh sure
Thank you for your time.