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2k right feed ccm'd

09 June 2013 - 05:25 PM

Marker: wgp 2k right feed
Condition: 9/10
Color: balck/red
Upgrades: ccm pump kit, palmers lowers,wgp bolt,maddman sprung,azodian reg,rebuilt detent, stiffi c6 delta barrel
Known Problems: needs grip and macro
Asking Price: 300 OBO offer up
Shipping Options: 10 bucks priority
Trades of interest: NON NO PAINTBALL TRADDES
Location of item: CONCORD NH
What is Included: gun, front block parts, stiffi barrel, stock barrel, stock reg, lubes,pathogen,oring rebuild kit 5x, internal rebuild kit 2x

spent time on her she shoots smooth nd well i actually hate to see her go but drivers ed is needing more funds.

PICS :::http://s1332.photobu.../?sort=3&page=1

Apple fricken sucks

21 January 2013 - 01:51 AM

I have and it up to fricken sky high with apple and the stupid cheap half asses products and the stupid customer services. I've bought 3 fricken iPods in a year 3! And all three had the same damn fricken issue due to "constructional error" pisses me off they break but what really gets my gears going is the fact they said that its there error and yet to replace it each time. I'm to my wits fricken end with that stupid ignorant company. Three iPods in a year is ridiculous!!! It's unacceptable for a company to not replace there fricken error. Lets just say I'm never NEVER. Buying from apple ever again. Anyone else have these damn issues with apple ? Grrrrrr

New mask for glasses

13 January 2013 - 07:03 PM

Just recently got glasses and noticed my pro flexes aren't fitting comfortably any mor and my glasses are fogging while I play I've tried anti fog in my glasses and that dosent work so I presume I need a new mask. Question is whats a goo mask for glasses in other people's opinions