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Random things that piss me off..

06 January 2012 - 01:21 AM

1 People with stupid ass cars who think they're the shit. No one cares your old ass truck is lifted, it doesn't make you cool. And no one cares you turbo charged a damn neon. It seems like everyone in this damn town has to have a lifted truck or some sort of wannabee fast and furious car....
2 The terms "Swag" and "what's good?" I hear these all the time by the same preppy assholes. OMFG STFU.
3 Most Minorities- Enough said
4 My local field may be closing after opening in 2004. Yeah, it sucks. But it also proves paintballs dying. )=
5 Ex gf being a bitch. Please don't tell me you have changed. Your still the same self absorbed asshole who cheats on everyone. Also, quit telling people lies.
6 How come everyone at my church is the most judgmental people I ever meet? Like people accept me in public school fine. At church, A place were God and his power is supposed to be accepting is like not even that. I get invited to 1 youth event and come back and EVERYONE thinks i'm a alcoholic pothead. I have never drank or smoke in my life.. You need god more than i do.
7 Not being able to sleep. Fuck this.

Dear stupid girl...

26 November 2011 - 05:17 PM

Dear _____
You always complain you have no close friends that are girls. Oh I wonder why? Maybe its because you just talk bad behind EVERYONE that tries to be friends to you. You still base your allegations from middle school and act like you are in middle school. We are both almost on our own. And also, why are you so self centered? You think I care about everything you do and how everything in the world revolves around you? No one gives a flying fuck. No one appreciates you hitting on their boyfriends and I'm sure as hell your boyfriend doesn't like the fact you hang out with your only friend who crushes on you (which is probably the only reason you keep him around) on a weekly basis alone at your house. Worst of all, you told me you changed when all you have done is become even more worse? Why am I even still talking to you? I'm done...

Girls + Strict Parents = ):

30 October 2011 - 01:03 AM

Ok, So I just got this account. Ill start posting about paintball stuff afterwords but, I must get this off my chest. I am a Sophomore right now. I can drive, etc. Sooo I see my old friends at a football game last week. These friends are twin girls and we have known each other since grade school, so it was awesome we were like best friends again. Also, they are chill as helll. We do lame stuff like draw pokemon and listen to dubstep in my old honda. Just like grade school loll (We dont drive anywhere not allowed cause of their parents) Ok but their parents after grade school made them homeschooled. Basic rules: No hanging out out guys houses, no having guys over, sharing a cell phone with 350 texts a month and no minutes, no facebook or social networking, no talking on the phone to people.... I mean I sorta understand the whole entire "No guys" thing, girls now a days are complete whores and any parent should be afraid of that. But I am just a friend and every time from now if I want to hang out with them I got to call their house, get their dad to let us meet somewhere and its never at a place were we can talk just like our towns shitty mall. Blah. So we hung out at a football game the other night. They were talking to their mom saying they will call when the game ends (Cause I cant drive them I have a penis and penises are bad :dodgy: ) and she shows up at fucking 8:30 and its like great. Great. I cant even have a good time. But no. I want to try to get on their goodside, but I cant even do that I can never go to their house cause im not allowed. Oh well, I get my hopes up way too easily... I just wanted like a friend to chill with and not be a dude and thought this was it.. Ohhh well...
TL:DR Old friends from gradeschool are super chill but parents super strict.