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I need your opinion..

17 October 2008 - 06:25 PM

Just bought a F8, love it.

Just for fun i posted a thread to see what ppl would offer for it, played 1 game with it.

Someone offered a SP EoS + 150$ for it...

Is it worth it?

EoS is 385 + 150 = 535$
F8 = 450

EoS been used 5 times and is virtue'd


Paintball on COD4 is sick?

10 October 2008 - 12:11 AM

I really enjoy playing paintball on my laptop..

There is a mod in Call of duty 4 where you can play paintball, gain new markers and upgrades (semi to 3-shot to auto)


My paintball story

09 October 2008 - 11:16 PM

Hey there,

I had such a day I thought I needed to tell ya'll about it..

First i bought a PMR black and received it 2 weeks ago. When I received my tank (today), I decided to go to my local paintball field and try my new gear out.

I put tank on, and LEEEAAAKKK! The reg is all fucked up and it seems like soleno´d is broken..

So I went to the store I bought my PMR. They say aaaww we will fix it it will be ready in 2 to 4 weeks.


I asked if it could be changed for another one.. a WORKING one.. They say Oh we don't have any left, just a used blue PMR.

Alright, shitting in my pants. I'll, again, have to fill my credit card for a better quality marker.. Oh lord..

I decided to take the Dangerous Power Fusion 8, it looked like a good gun and saw some good comments on internet before.

But they asked for the receip.. I live 30 mins from there.. getting pissed -.- Got my receipt, got my gun...

Soo I go back to my local paintball field. Put my tank on. Everything worked fine until I press the trigger. BBOOOOMMM!

It felt like if someone was shooting is AK-47 just beside my ears.. I was like wtf?

Went back to the store.... Another reg problem. They decided to work on it because they probably were tired of seeing my face.

30mins later, marker is fixed. I go to my local paintball field, try it, and it WORKED! Set the velocity to 280 and I was good to go...

Good to go until i realized the tank o-ring is coming out of my ASA 8-| !!! Had to shoot till the tank is empty and had to change o-ring and refill tank.

What a day. From 1pm to 6pm I was driving my car between home, field, store. I'm happy though, the F8 is a really good marker. I like the feel more than the PMR with its straight trigger...

ENJOY PAINTBALL AND WATCH FROM WHO YOU BUY! (cuz that PMR wasnt stock at all -.-)
P.S: buypbl.com (good customer service though)