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Playing Reball! THE CATCH? Its in My CHURCH. :)

10 March 2014 - 08:18 AM

  Here is a video of playing some Reball in my local church gym.   It may be small but it works amazingly !!!  SO much fun!   :)   

I put together a small video,  let me know what you think.   :)   




Ps.  I am the guy with the pump.   :P

Ontario's Pumpers unite at FFA 3!

30 January 2014 - 07:04 PM


This April at PRZ in Picton there is the Big PRZ game Fight for the Asylum.  Citrus connection is going to be there.  And I think that this certain highly skilled group of players that just happen to use pump guns.  :)  Should all play on the Citrus side of the game.  
Post below if you think you are making it!   
HERE is the facebook page for it.    



Green/Black Acid Phantom with Undercocking kit + Extras!

28 January 2014 - 10:05 AM

Hey!  I am selling my green phantom,   just have allot of pumps right now.   :)


GONE@!!!!!!!!! traded locally.   


Marker - CCI Phantom

Condition - 8/10 Used, has on ding on the tip of the barrel and along the barrel where the pump handle is.  

Color - Green/black Acid Wash

Upgrades - Undercocking kit, Adjustable t stock, Dye Matrix Asa, Lapco Feedneck, Ghost Ring. 45 handle, misc springs, orings, screws.

Known Problems - NONE

Asking Price - traded locally!!!!!

Shipping - Anything,  you pay.

Trades? - Anything in my favour. Feel free to offer.    

Location - Cobourg Ont.  Canada

Whats Included - Phantom, Undercocking kit, Adjustable t stock, Dye Matrix Asa, Lapco Feedneck, Ghost sight Ring. some 12 grams, 6 ten round tubes. Remote Line. 50 round hopper  misc springs,  detent rings.  orings, screws. velocity adjuster.



Now The Beauty!   Pictures below!  

Thanks for looking Feel free to offer.