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Opinions on the Clone Vx

11 April 2012 - 07:45 PM

I was just wondering what all of your opinions and personal experiences were with the Clone Vx. I know they have a somewhat complex bolt system but that doesn't bother me, I make sure to take care of and clean all of my markers. I'm more interested in your experiences with reliability and efficiency. Thanks

1 of ? Boss Axe Pro

13 January 2012 - 08:28 PM

Marker: Empire Boss Axe Pro
Condition: 9.9/10
Color: Black with Blood Splatter Anno
Upgrades: Custom milled body, Dye eye pipe,Boss bolt and spring kit, Empire Redline Board, Nano feedneck
Known Problems: NONE
Asking Price: $825 (mainly looking for trades)
Shipping Options: Usps
Trades of interest: Any, Offer Up
Location of item: 14424
What is Included:Boss Axe Pro, Macdev Shift Kit Anno'd to Match, Matching Anno'd Front Grip with Virtue Redefined Board.

Boss Axe and Shft Kit

Boss Axe Pro 1

Boss Axe Pro 2

University of Tampa Paintball

13 January 2012 - 03:20 PM

First off I know this isn't necessarily in the correct section, but the Paintball Chatter section literally has 500 times more replies than the college section. And I'm hoping I can get the attention of more people here. With that said......... I am transferring to the University of Tampa in the Fall 2012 semester and want to get the paintball club started up again. But I cannot start that process until I am a student there. I have talked to Brock (Former captain and used to run the club) briefly and I'm hoping to talk to him more, and he said that currently there is no team. I am hoping that there are a few people here that are students there and would be interested in getting the process of restarting the club started this upcoming semester. If anyone is interested or if anyone has any tips please let me know. Also I will be in the Tampa area from the 19th until the 21st as I am flying down to talk to some people at the University, so if anyone is willing to meet with me about it I would be willing to take the time out and do that.

University of Tampa Paintball team

12 January 2012 - 10:53 PM

Hey everyone, I wanted to see if there are any students at the University of Tampa that would be into starting the club paintball team back up. I briefly talked to the former captain and guy who ran the club before he graduated and am hoping I can get some more information from him. But in the meantime I want to see how many of you are interested in starting it back up. I'm not currently a student, but I will be transferring in the Fall 2012 semester. So if a few of you wanted to get the ball rolling now I could talk to Brock and see what information he can give me and I can relay to you.

Transferring to University of Tampa

15 December 2011 - 02:24 PM

Hey guys, as the title says I'm transferring to the University of Tampa next fall and I know they had a club paintball team. I was just wondering if any of you guys know if its still going or if any of you play on it. I would appreciate any information. Thanks