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Unidentified Component for my A5

16 October 2012 - 08:31 AM

The part below came with a box of stuff I bought last night from a guy who was moving away. It looks like some kind of regulator, but I am confused because the female ASA swivels.
I think it's for the A5, but I'm really not sure.

What the heck is this?

Posted Image


Enter The Phantom

22 January 2012 - 02:47 PM

(This is the only video of it that I could find.)

Here is a story on the Phantom and its creator: http://www.onlinesen...2012-01-21.html

This thing has heat!


26 November 2011 - 03:14 PM

Just thought I'd post this.
I made this in response to Tyger's review of "Team of One".

No go, and devastate the competition with the mighty REVERSE G!