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06 December 2011 - 07:39 AM

This is just are set ups and experience, I would like you to also please put any team members from your club that would like to join Port Richey Flood in the format shown below (don't really need what you guys wear) Thanks very much

Peter - Captain- Front Player (mostly play snake)
Experience- 4 yrs
Marker set up- Tippmann 98 custom(getting a Azodin blitz with upgrades most likely or GoG eNVy)
Vlocity Jr w/ speedfeed and 20oz Co2 tank
Empire E-vents
I wear 07 Proto pants and jersey, Empire ZE pads NxE pod pack

Ethan - Co Captain- Back / Mid player
Experience- 1 yr
Marker set up- 2009 Spyder Victor, GxG (hopper mask), Empire 20oz Co2 Tank
(He is going to get a new gun and a bunch of new gear this is just his marker set up right now)
Wears 07 Proto jersey and pants, GxG pod pack

Justin - Mid player
Experience- 1 yr
Marker set up- 2009 Spyder Xtra, Proto Primo loader, 20oz Guerrilla air tank, Invert Helix mask
(hes going to upgrade his gun as well)
Wears Mossy oak camouflage (are going to order some cheap paintball jerseys soon)

Kevin - Co Captain- Back player
Experience- 5 yrs
Marker set up-U.S. Army Alpha black, 24oz tank, Tippmann pod pack, Vforce Mask, Proto Primo loader
(he is going to sell his 3 guns to get a Proto paintball gun or a Spyder Pilot)wears just white shirt, shorts, JT paintball gloves (we are getting jerseys soon)

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06 December 2011 - 07:21 AM

To: dentalmirror

Ya man definitely, I am the president of RHS (Ridgewood High School) paintball club. The team has some of the members on it. We are a 4 man team right now. Were going to be also getting some new gear for paintball hopefully this Christmas :) but check out RHS paintball clubs youtube to see if you like are players.
Peter(me)- president of paintball club
We play every Friday right after school at our own little field. We had a really good Friday ( December 2nd) and we will be posting those soon.
You can also email me at portricheyflood@yahoo.com
Thanks and i hope we can make a team (speedball)

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02 December 2011 - 06:57 PM

Were a 4 man team now and we decided to play all types of paintball (hyperball, speedball, woodsball)

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01 December 2011 - 05:15 PM

no problem and good luck

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01 December 2011 - 03:56 PM

Well from where were at on Google maps it says your 3 hours and 22 minutes the quickest way... I mean if you can drive up here on a weekend and hang out with us and play with us then no problem but i dont want you to drive so long you know. It says your 189 miles to so Posted Image really disappoints me. But if you do want to just to see well set it up just pm me or email portricheyflood@yahoo.com were a speedball team.