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Blue/black Vsc CCI Phantom

16 February 2013 - 09:27 PM

Blue/black acid wash vsc phantom for sale

Ninja 13/3000 tank offer
Extreme Rage 4 oz co2 offer (never seen the field)

Marker: CCI Phantom
Condition: 8/10
Color: Blue/Black acid wash
Upgrades: T-stock, CCI ghost sight ring, bottomlined
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: $250
Shipping Options: Fedex
Trades of interest: Empire Snipers, 2k+ snipers
Location of item: Illinois
What is Included:
adjustable t-stock
bottomlined asa (beat up but works fine)
12 gram changer
ghost ring sight
ronin gear 12 gram/10 round tube wrist harness

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shooting video

A big problem

03 April 2012 - 04:52 PM

Here is my problem. I am a budget baller and my dad won't let me get a pump. I've saved up for a used trilogy, which is $70. I told him that I wouldn't shoot as much with a pump. His response was don't shoot as much. He doesn't understand that it's impossible to shoot 25 balls per game using an electro. Can anyone give me suggestions to persuade him? By the way I am 13.