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New Gun Help

13 January 2012 - 11:37 PM

So im looking for a mid range gun. And i have around 600 to spend. I really dont like buying used so its gotta be new.

So what I can do is get a....
- Etek 3 and upgrade it with a Zick 2 and a Gen. 2 TechT hush bolt. I have shot a Etek and it was nice but the kick and vibration kinda turned me off. So with the upgrades hopefully it would shoot a little smoother.

- Proto Reflex Rail I have not shot or held the marker but i hear its alot like a DM.

- Alien Invasion same with this gun.. havent held or shot it. And also havent heard anything about the company.

- Axe with a good barrel and lurker bolt. I have shot the stock Axe ( like 3-4 pods) and it didnt feel quiet right. And I dont really like that i cant service my reg. But its still a good gun.

- Drone dx
Alright so if you can give me your opinion and why. Thanks.