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Links to Ebay auctions?

14 March 2010 - 06:28 PM

Hey guys, Haven't been on here in a while due to a long break from PB. But now that im back, I wish to sell all my old gear, and start over.
But now, I am just wondering, is it ok to post Sell Ads in the B/S/T Section, Put a description and all in it, but just have my Ebay Auction link on there?

I looked around in the rules and guidelines, but couldnt seem to find an answer?
(Im not sure if thats due to a not so Thorough search on my end, of it just not being there?)

Anyway, just wondering if thats allowed since i used to do that on other forums Months back, (PBreview, etc.) and I just wanted to double check beofre I did.

Thanks in advance,