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Proto Rail best budget marker?

13 January 2012 - 07:11 PM

Hey guys, iv been doing alot of research within the last couple of months. And i think the best marker for the price of under $400 would have to be to proto rail.

Played a round or 2 with the mini, its a good gun, but for $50 less i can pretty much get the same performance out of a rail. The only thing nice about the mini is the stock asa, and the internal lines.

The g4 is also a pretty good marker with the one exception that everyone whom i know that owns one has had a problem with it one way or another, maybe not as bad as the g3's but the g4's still have regulators crapping out on them left right and center. And i also dont know why but even when i find somone who has one that doesnt break right away, they still cant get comfortable with it or there's always a problem like Excessive bolt stick.

The proto rail is pretty freakin light, quiet as heck, and with the high dwell you never break a ball keeping you on the field all day, not on the bench cleaning and maintaining, which if so isnt that hard to do with the eye pipes that come with it. The braided line means your not going to have to worry about your macroline falling out. I mean for the most part, people who are going to be spending under $400 on a marker are usually new players in which case id have to say the proto rail is catered to your (being a new player) demands. Its an air hog, but who really cares. If your playing pro paintball and need to get as many pods out of a tank as possible your probably not going to be using the rail to begin with. The only real "downside" which some wouldnt even consider it being one, would be the dwell and rate of fire based upon that. Its capped at 14bps. however it has the Hyper3 reg, and pretty much the same board that they put in the dm11's..

If your going to say a different gun is better than the rail thats cool, just try and give some reasons why its the best choice out of them all. Personally the GoG eXTCy would be a runner up with it being cheaper and having an on/off asa, however i think the hyper3 regulator makes the rail a better marker.

Proto Rail best budget marker?

13 January 2012 - 05:51 PM

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