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In Topic: Videos from this weekend

15 October 2012 - 04:50 PM

Another one

This one was a game of "slapstick," where the object is to essentially flip a switch (made of PVC pipe) in the middle of the field, and have it flipped in your favor when time runs out. It was re-insertion, so when you get hit you just go back and spawn again. Usually it's a pretty frantic game, but I think the teams were a bit unbalanced, and we just dominated. It's really more fun when it's closer than this.

In Topic: Videos from this weekend

15 October 2012 - 09:04 AM

Lol "watch the friendly fire!"
Awesome videos bud! I love these kinds of videos!

Yeah, we had a few trigger happy kiddos behind us!

I think I might have found a way to get the camera a bit higher so that the hopper won't block everything when I'm shooting, so hopefully I'll get some better video next time.

In Topic: What is the NOOBIEST thing YOU have done?

21 May 2012 - 08:39 AM

bought a double finger trigger for my tippmann.

I did this and put a stock on it. The stock stayed on for about one game. I actually like the double trigger though, it doesn't help the rate of fire like I thought it would back then, but it is way more comfortable to play with now.

The 16" barrel on my tippmann was another noob purchase for sure. It's quieter than the stock barrel, but that's like putting a muffler on a dragster, it just doesnt really matter.

In Topic: DP G4

21 February 2012 - 08:07 PM

Sorry man, wife said "not enough pink."

I'm reduced to finding a marker based on the amount of pink on it.

In Topic: DP G4

20 February 2012 - 07:27 PM

Wife might be interested, If so, how about $200 shipped to 77049?