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Wood ticks

13 May 2012 - 03:00 PM

My friends and I have been working on our own personal field the past few weeks, but recently, as its been getting warmer here, the wood ticks have been coming out in force! We'll get 10 every hour or so, it's pretty difficult to actually play a game anymore. Any tips anybody has as far as exterminating them or maybe clothing tips to avoid skin contact or something. We don't know if there's any chemicals we can use, but we wanna be careful with that stuff as they use this land for deer hunting in the fall, and we wouldn't wanna harm any of the other wildlife here. Anywho, any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Making our own field

10 April 2012 - 01:09 PM

A friend of mine's grandparents own 200+ acres in northern minnesota, and have given him permission to use it as much as he wants. The only use it in the fall during hunting season. He has chosen to make a private paintball field with some of the land. Theres anywhere from 6 to 10 of is in his group of friends that will be using it. I have a chrono and a scuba tank we'll be using, so all those logistics are figured out. I just have two questions: One of my friends wanted to know if it is legal or if we need special wavers or something. Also, we wanted to build some bunkers, but we don't know what material to get. Whats the cheapest material to make bunkers, and how would you do it? We wanted to mix it up a little, rather than just trees and logs and more trees lol. Thanks!

Axe Degassing Problem

14 March 2012 - 01:04 PM

I recently purchased a Lurker bolt for my axe after reading how highly people recommended it here, and it came yesterday. Installation was surprisingly easy, as I heard from most people it was kind of a pain. Took me maybe 5 minutes. I lowered the dwell to 5, lowered the air to about 150, and screwed the bolt spring thing all the way and slowly backed it out like people said. Everything worked great, and my gun's shooting real well. Well this morning I go to clean my gun, and notice I forgot to take my tank off after shooting it yesterday. I usually don't forget this, and I'm worried maybe I broke something. I also forgot to turn off the ASA. So I flip the ASA off, and hear it degas, and screw the tank out. Then as I try to take the bolt off, it wont come out. I can hit the button, and screw it to the left for the first part of the unscrew twist process, but it wont pull back after that first turn. After trying to pull it for a little bit, I decide to unscrew the bolt spring screw thing to see if I can see whats preventing it from coming out. After I unscrew it a little, I feel it degas through the bolt spring tension thing. After that gas came out, I was able to get the bolt out no problem. Did I mess something up? Why didn't it degas fully after I turned the ASA off?

First Time

30 January 2012 - 11:06 PM

So I'm still very new to paintball. My friends took me for my first time for my bachelor party three months ago. I've played two times since then with just my friends, who mostly have tippmans and spyders. I'm starting to get into the sport more than my friends budget will allow, and am thinking about trying my fields local open play some weekend. I have a pretty good setup, I bought a used axe, halo too, draxxus 68/4500, and a 4 pod NXe pack from a friend who doesn't play anymore. I don't have a jersey or nice padding or protection though, and my mask is very meh. So anyways, I have two main questions.<div><br></div><div>1. Is it weird if I go alone? None of my friends have enough money to play until the outdoor fields open again in the spring. I don't wanna be that awkward guy sitting by himself in the corner the whole time lol.</div><div><br></div><div>2. I'm semi-afraid everyone there will be much better than me, and all have egos and such. I'm not afraid of getting bunkered or anything, just worried about having a lousy time. I have heard of some fields seperating amateur and more competitive players, but the closest indoor field to me (Air Assault) i've heard to be pretty competitive, though I've never been there for open play. would they still separate players? or is everyone there likely fairly pro?</div>

DDAY at Special Forces Paintball

12 January 2012 - 01:31 PM

Hey everyone! So I am new to paintball, played for the first time 3 months ago or so. A friend of mine has invited me to play at Special Forces for their DDay game this coming summer, and I'm just wondering what it's like? What should I be prepared for? Are there multiple games or just one? How long do the games take? etc... Thanks!