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In Topic: Anyone own a new wangler? And opinions on them?

06 April 2015 - 07:14 PM

They are not too bad and decently comfy with the Hard top. (Too noisy and cold for all season driving here with the soft tops). That being said they are very pricy for what you get and are horrid on fuel (let's face it a brick wall has better aero dynamics). Also the breaks are woahfully underspec so plan on brake jobs every 16000kms (10,000ish miles). Honestly they are good off roaders (possibly best in ther price range) and even better with a few upgrades but if heavy off reading is not a huge priority there are far far better vehical options for your money. The engine is straight out of the caravan Minivan and makes decent power though all at high rpm. Interior room is cramped compared to similar sized suvs. They can not tow very much 3500lbs is there highest though there is decent cargo room.

Over all if you want a serious off roader that's livible as a daily driver the Jeep Wranglers are a great option but you will sacrifice comfort fuel economy and even some utility for that Off road ability.

I chose not to get the jeep when I was looking (my coworker and friend who was shopping at same time did opt for the jeep) as I found for my needs a pickup was still the better option. I happy with my choice as are my friends.

In Topic: Show us your pain (Paintball)

09 March 2015 - 08:21 PM

I don't rly have any notable paintball injuries per say. Lots of cuts scraps bruises and sprains in my 15+ years.

But hardest time I have had with pain in paintball was returning to the game for first time after suffering a multitude of injuries in a motorcycle accident. Not the least of witch was having my Left leg almost completely severed a couple inches above my ankle. 7 moths after beginning to walk with my legs new limits I was at Canadian Carnage 3 playing those cursed hills as hard as my body would allow for both awesome days (and paid for it for the next two weeks at work lol).

In Topic: The car thread

30 January 2015 - 07:49 PM

Ok wait one sec. How is a vette not a sports car?

It's small
Relatively light (by today's standards) 600lbs more than a Miata but also far more power
Offered as a true standard
Offered as a coupe or convertible.
Front engine rear drive
And one of the best performance values on the market

The vette is the quintessential American sports car. Never in history have I ever heard it labeled a GT car before lol.

In Topic: The car thread

29 January 2015 - 08:16 PM

For fucks sake, would it kill you guys to buy american

LOL For one I'm Canadian so the whole buy American don't mean too much to me. Second I have in past owned 5 fords and 2 dodges. But presently the Tacoma is the best offering in a mid size truck. If Ford still offered the ranger I'd have opted for that as the three I had owned were great trucks. And third and lastly the Victory is "American".

In Topic: The car thread

28 January 2015 - 06:25 PM

Was an expensive few months for me in the vehicle department.


Due to the injuries to my legs incurred in an accident a few years back (mostly severed left leg an nerve damage to the right).  I grudgingly had to admit i have to rethink my vehicle choices for the long term. 


So i now have a 2008 Suzuki DR650SE as my summer daily run about and dirt road explorer(maybe trail ride a bit if i can get my legs strong enuff).  Bought this last summer for cheap and have been fixing it up and seeing it up for my use.



Then this fall i realized i simply Cant ride a sport or even a sport touring bike any more and replaced my long loved Honda CBF600 with a 2014 Victory Vegas 8-ball .  I always loved these bikes but wanted to stick with the sportier bikes to participate in a few track days.  But being this was not really feasible i decided to get myself A nice cruise to build into my ideal touring toy.  I looked at a few harleys and was almost set on a Harley Dyna Street Bob, But on a whim i decided to try the Victory and was just amazed FAR more power and torque some smarter engineering and seemed to be tailored to my needs ergonomically.  HAve a few goodies for it i just need to get around to installing them (Rear seat, sissy bar, Luggage rack, windshield).



And lastly I had a 2012 Toyota Tacoma access cab 4x4 with a 4cyl and 5 speed stick.  I could drive it without too much issue still even with my leg normally but if i was particularly active and my leg started swelling as it often does the stick shift was not as pleasurable to drive as it once was .  So i again had to check my ego and realize that stick shift may not be the best thing for my daily driver anymore.  I loved the truck thought so i simply replaced it with a 2015 Tacoma Double Cab V6 Auto 4x4.  HAs a few more niceties over my 2012 and the room and power is pretty nice to have as well. But other wise just feels like my old truck minus the pain shifting sometimes caused.