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What to do (possible collection shuffle)

31 August 2014 - 10:14 PM

I been playing for a long time 15+ years. Most that time I have played with mechs or pumps. For last few years I played almost exclusively pump. But since loosing just about1" of my left leg when it was nearly completely severed by a "reckless driver" I find myself FAR too slow and limited to be as effective as I'd like shooting my pumps (still like em for playing rec ball with renters indoor but for big games I'm hurting).

For Canadian Carnage 3 I ran pumps most as I lent my semis to my brother and his girlfriend for there first time out. On the second day I did get to use my beloved RT ULE Mag for the afternoon and I had a lot of fun. Being able to lean on the ROF a bit was helpful and having a free hand in a pinch to steady myself when climbing was very very helpful (left ankle has next to nothing for support).

So going forward I'm thinking semi play is gona have to be the norm for me for bigger games or more advanced play. So I'm contemplating picking up a newer gun for myself that's a bit lighter and more efficient than my current mags. The mag itself is not too bad but because it's a bit air thirsty (about 1150 shots on a 77/4500 tank) I run a larger tank on it and that gets heavy to lug up hills on one good leg.

I have 4 guns I'm considering all primarily mechs as I tried going to an electro but never could warm to them. GOG eNMEy, Azodin Kaos DII, Empire Resurrection, and the Tippmann crossover XVR.

The eNMEy seems like a no brainer at its cost. BUT my sister has one and the cheap feel and look drive me mad (shallow as that may seem I find comfort means a lot to playing performance and this one I have yet to warm too despite trying numerous times). GOG if your listening make a AM version for like $100 more and I be lined up for one. And also in testing it's really not noticeably more efficient than the mags when shot side by side.

The KDII is a sharp looking package with simple internals that would be fine. It's far more efficient than my mag and lighter too. If it's anything like my KPII quality feels great and will be relatively reliable. But $200 is quite a bit for a blow back even if its the best blow back made. It's like a carbureted car it may work great and if done right you can't even tell. And in an old car that carbed engine maybe cool. But in a brand new one it just seems like a bit of penny pinching.

The resurrection. Is just beautiful, efficient, light, and something I have always wanted to try but never bought (Autococker). But it's a more complicated beast that can be more maintenance intensive. And at its price I'd likely need to sell off my RT Mag. Something i very hesitant to do as the mag is my baby and the gun I go to for ROF (nothing beats a RTing mag for ROF)

And lastly. Is the gun I most likely considering. The Tippmann XVR. This one checks all the boxes plus it offers the electro side if I so choose. The looks are growing on me. The valve train is similar to my mags I know very well. But again this would either require selling the mag or quite a few other guns to get. and I not too sure I want to do that.

Alternately I am just considered putting a lvl 7 bolt in my mag (more efficient) swapping to a normal out put reg (less reactivity = more efficient again) a smaller tank 68 or even my 56ci(same length as 68 just narrower), and replacing the heavy Z2 hopper with either a Revy or Ponokio speed. All this would cost my less than any of the guns and I can sell a loaner A5 along with the Z2 to cover it all. Just would not be a fancy new toy witch is not a big deal to me as one my mags and the carbine have been with me since late 90s and I still enjoying them.

So what would you all do in my shoes.

And here's a pic of my current go to semi. My scratch built RT/ULE custom

Paintball is awesome.

01 February 2014 - 07:40 PM

After my motorcycle accident in September 2012 that resulted in a long list of injuries I have been unable to actually play a game. I spent lots of time throughout my recovery building and tuning guns & shooting in my back yard.

But for first time since accident I finally made it back onto the field and played a solid days worth of paintball at the local indoor place with my sister And I must say paintball is awesome.

Even being very limited in my abilities now. (Can't run only jog'ish, can't slide and its hard for me to get up if I kneel). I still had a great time got plenty of eliminations and plenty of laughs at my own fails. I used a lot of the gear and guns I accumulated and setup while I was not mobile and it all worked great.

For me the biggest peice of equipment that made the difference allowing me to give it a go was the HUGE amount of support offered by using emipres tht grind knee shin pads. They also covered the major wound site were my leg was nearly severed preventing any chance of a paintball from tearing scar tissue.

No action pics from today. But the setup I decided to shoot for my return was my AGD RT ULE Custom, TechT IFit and 12" DW Null barrel, Empire Z2 with 240shell and exalt speed feed. Played hopper ball all day and shot awesome love this setup. This gona be my primary setup at least till I can work up to running and sliding a bit before I switch back to playing primarily pump.


Paintball (All bases are covered)

31 October 2013 - 11:22 PM

I play and enjoy paintball and by that I mean I all paintball. So over my many years in this sport (15 or so) I have owned many many guns. But now I THINK I have perfected my little collection. I have a gun or two that rly covers every aspect of this sport now. So figured I'd toss up some pics of my humble collection (that I still own) in order I purchased. All these were purchased new as I a bit fanatical about maintence being a mechanic and all.

Brass Eagle Saber. The biggest pile of poo ever. I bought couple of these in late 98 for my brothers birth day. We shot these things for a few months before upgrading to blowback semis. In packing for my upcoming move. I found mine and amazingly it aired up some how despite the 15 year old broken paint, rusted springs worn out plastic bits and all round crappy quality.

Tippmann Pro/Carbine. My first true Quality paintball marker I purchased early 99. And one I truly enjoy playing with to this day . I maintain that Tippmanns carbine series guns were some of there finest and the best mech blowbacks made. This is a gun that's seen hell and more paint than I can number. Yet it still shoots great and in all these years has needed nothing but the air line and a Oring replaced when I replaced said airline.

AGD 68 Automag. This I picked up in mid to late 99 as my way of getting myself into a "Highend" setup. This gun too has been close to me for a very long time and has seen ALOT of use and abuse. yet the gun has needed NOTHING but detents and a foamie. I have upgraded it and changed it around more times than I can count. Soo much so it has spawened a few other mags. But as others come and go this one keeps getting reborn and reassembled. Today I run it with a 10" stainless ANS barrel, original classic Powerfeed body and rail, a composite single trigger frame, DP RAPSII ASA. I also cut up and made a mount to install a spare A5 fore grip I had laying around. This things great fun to shoot as it balances out well and truly has a unique feel to it. Great old school shooter for rec play.

Sheridan PGP2. I picked this up in 06 or 07 I think when I found it at a local pro shop new in box collecting dust. I wanted another stock class gun after selling my last phantom years ago and always wanted some brass. It's seen quite a bit of use but like with my past phantom. I was never the greatest stock class player and found I preferred my open class setups.

Empire Trracer. Picked this up in 2010 I beleive as my first marker purchase since the PGP. I decided to really start playing more again and had sold off my last open class pump. So this was cheap looked fun and for a while I loved it. Sadly after the first bolt wore out I decided it was not my cup of tea as far as open class goes so I replaced it with a different pump and converted this to stock class (allowing the PGP to become a prestine wall hanger).

DP E1. Also in 2010 I decided I wanted a bit of an updated speedball setup having long since sold off my last tuned x-Valved mag. So I picked up this thing as I liked its simplicity and being as I never was a fan of ramping it seemed perfect for me. And in many ways it is. I think its a great shooting solid gun. After two years the fittings did start to leak and I did replace those but otherwise it's been a great shooter. I just find I prefer mechs and pumps so it does not see as much use as others.

Tippmann A5. Purchased in 2011 as a replacement woodsball beater for my aging beloved carbine (gun I didn't mind loaning or tossing in the dirt to complete objectives etc.). But I just could never get it to feel right and found for that purpose I still preferred my pumps anyways. So I decided it be a great idea to Tacamo convert it to give mag fed a try. Sadly I got badly injured befor getting it out on a feild but have had to make a few modifications so far just testing it in the backyard to get it to shoot right reliably. Looking forward to trying it soon.

Tiberius T8.1. Bought this prior to converting the A5 as my first try at mag fed. Loved shooting the gun but had not found a comfortable means to carry enuff paint for seriouse on feild play prior to getting hurt. Now I'm sorted and plan to use this as my mag fed CQB setup as the A5 is on the long side.

Tippmann SL-68II. Got this cause I have always thought they looked kewl. And since I was untrusting of the reliability of my Trracer figured this would work as my open class pump. Run this with a Proto primo and a ninja 35/3000 with a reg extender. Balances PERFECT feels great and with the custom ordered brass 12" palmers barrel it's a very consistent efficient Tiny shooter. Before getting injured this thing seen a TON of paint in one season.

And lastly my AGD RT/ULE custom I put togeather with all the upgrades to that first mag. It's by far the best looking marker I own and functions even better than it looks. I decided having owned a couple walkable ULT mags in the past to go RT route on this one. I run this with a 12" DW Null barrel, PE pops ASA, ninja dura 77 with pro SHP reg, and a prophecy Z2 with 240shell and exalt speed feed. I consider this my primary semi gun now and have intentions to lower my SHP regs out put to 950 as I find the RT effect a bit excessive for actual play and want to really just slow this back down, closer to my classic mag. I love the feel of this gun and use it more than anything else in game. I run this as my primary semi shooter only ever pulling out the DP E1 now for the VERY VERY rare times I want a freakishly high ROF.

Great PAIN!

24 September 2013 - 09:50 PM

Well a while ago I posted in the rant section about getting hit by a car while out for lunch on one of my motorcycles.

That accident nearly cost me my left leg (was close to completely severed and the bones were BADLY broken/splintered). I also gashed wide open my right leg and have lots of nerve damage in both legs. I re-dislocated my left shoulder (from past injuries) and had road rash on my back. As well I had a concussion and can not remember half hour or so leading to the crash and only glimpses of the the crash and then awakening on the highway surrounded by 5 of the AMAZINGLY helpful witnesses.

The hospital admittedly made several errors on my arrival there and this caused me further complications with a SEVERE bone infection after the fact. The Medication used to treat this infection has further caused issues with my heart rate and possibly now life time of type 2 diabetes.

It has taken 5 surgeries a month & change in hospital combined and a solid 3-4 months of home care nursing.

But Today a full 1 year and 12 days after my accident I put aside the wheelchair, walker and canes I have used now for so long to get around and took 10 INCREDIBLY PAINFUL steps. It's taken me ALOT of hard work to get that much and it will take me FAR more still before I can truly get back to my life But today I'm happy to finally reach some form of mile stone. For the past month I have been getting around better and better on my canes. I been working everyday re training my leg to accept motions it really don't want to do. Exercising to try keep my strength up. I have returned to driving my manual transmission truck. And have started to inquire about lighter duties at work (been off since accident lol it's been one LONG lunch break).

But today I managed to walk normal full stride steps without limping. Something every doc said I would NOT do (for a while it was doubt full I'd keep my leg). Something the physiotherapist said is doubtful at best (so I stopped going). Yes It hurt and hurt ALOT but I took that with a HUGE smile on my face and look forward to pushing for 20 steps before the weekend. And by the end of next month I plan to return to the current surgeon (been three different ones) for my check up and walk in unassisted.

It seems like something soo small something so trivial as even a 1 year old child can muster more But right now I feel amazing happy and well can't rly calm down and sleep so figured I'd share since I all ready driving the girlfriend nuts who's trying to sleep (she was very happy to see me walking but well one of us needs to work lol).

My first shaky steps was actually 12 days ago (1 year anniversary) and that itself was a mile stone. So much so that I celebrated by going out and picking up some performance goodies for my remaining motorcycle I look forward to riding next spring once again.

EDIT: I do not begrudge the lady who hit me as though it sucks and what not I am sure it was far from a intentional act (was 100% her fault according to the ten witnesses that gave statements and from what little I remember). Nor do I have any true distain for the hospital staff (though am annoyed a bit at the emergency docs slip ups and "failure to properly assess the extent of the injurys" (as it was worded in doctors notes lol). As this too I'm sure was far from intentional and possibly due to a high traffic volume that night from what I understand.

CLIFF NOTES: one year 12 days ago I got hit by a car and was hurt pretty bad (could been worse). Today I managed to walk normally for a SHORT distance for the very first time since the accident though be it in much pain.