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Girl's Paintball Team?!

14 February 2012 - 08:55 AM

Hey guys! quick question, I am looking into possibly joining a paintball team somtime in the future. However I would really like to try to join an All Girls Paintball Team! I have looked around for information on any teams located near Toronto/Durham region, and have had no luck! Does anybody know of any teams? =/

Dangerous Power Fusion-X vs. Empire Axe

12 January 2012 - 11:18 PM

Alright first off, I already did post a post between the mini and the axe, and decided over the axe. In that post i added I was looking at the fusion-x but felt that it was posted in a biased surrounding lmao. Before all of you jump on this and state the axe is better I would like to let you know what i am looking for in a marker!

I have done quite a bit of research between the 2 guns and even went to my local paintball shops and held both the fusion-x and the empire axe. I was hoping to make the final decison myself, and that the 2 guns wouldnt be so similar. ( I also wish I was a nerd and knew a lot more about markers and what makes them good and bad, ect :( ) - but thats why i ask you guys :wub:

Okay so what I am looking for:
- Straight out of the box the best shooter (fx or axe?)
- No mandatory upgrades, ect
- Air efficency doesnt matter to me at all
- Customer Service doesnt matter to me - i always get what i want in the end ;) (warranty is a different story)

Now when I went to the stores both of the workers hesitated but did say the axe was probably the better gun, and said the fusion is harder on paint and tends to have problems (minor easy fix problems, but none the less problems). Now while I held the guns, I felt the trigger on the fusion was soooo much better, BUT i didnt actually get to shoot the guns off so I cant say for sure which i liked shooting more. The fusion physically is a damn sexy looking gun, empire... from afar looked like a renter gun *sobs* - absolutly nothing special no detail kinda gun (blah). Next I felt the axe was shorter than the fx, which was kinda nice, especially for a smaller person (like myself :) ) but does shorter barrel mean less accurate? or not neccesarily? ( yes i know im slightly challenged and should know these things).

Overall I am looking for a gun that is perfect right out of the box! Needs no upgrades, accurate, easy to maintain (cause we all know how challenged i am), and lets be honest... looks good :tup:

The only thing I want to buy extra with this gun is a Rotor and a Ninja HPA, so i guess thats my "set up"... anyways let me know what you guys think, sorry for the halfly repeat of a post, but I really really cannot decide and its driving me crazy!!

Oh.. and I do know I can get the axe in pretty colors online, but... the body is still pretty plain jane if you ask me.... (not to offend jane or anything lol)

Thanks so much in advanced!! And hope to see you guys out on the fields! :D

Hopefully you boys can help me =)

10 January 2012 - 10:06 AM

Hello, I have been paintballing for just over a year now and really love it, I bought my first gun a year ago (BT Omega) and was really happy with it! Lately when I do go paintballing though, I find hauling my huge gun, air tank, hoppers, ect to be tiring! (especially for a 5'2 girl!) Im extremely attracted to the speedball guns! I have been doing some research over the past few days and narrowed it down to two guns, the Empire Axe, and the Invert Mini. Obvioulsy the Axe is a better gun, but I am wondering if it is actually worth the extra $100+. Im not a very techy person so just wondering form someone who knows alot about the guns what there opinion is and which is best for a newer player. I have heard the trigger on the mini is not very good, but is it replacable? Is there anything else thats a major difference I should know about? Obvioulsy im looking for the better buy for my money, but I am willing to spend the extra if there is a big difference! Hopefully someone can help me :) Thank you for reading!! and Happy balling!! :D