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Macdev Clone VX F/S

12 November 2013 - 08:44 PM

Marker:  Macdev Clone VX
Condition: 9/10, see description below
Color: Brown/Silver
Known Problems:  None
Asking Price: $475 FIRM
Shipping Options:  USPS Priority with insurance
Trades of interest:  NONE
Location of item:  Charlotte, NC
What is Included:  case, marker, lube, parts kit

The marker is great condition, not scratches at all.  There is a very small mark near the reg adjustment that is only noticeable if you're looking for it.  The grips are worn as well as the back button and the jewels are missing but those are the only cosmetic issues.

Price is firm, I need to sell this to have cash for other things coming up so please no trades.  The price is more than fair for the marker, no issues mechanically at all.


If my asking price is met I will throw in the Rotor.


For $500 I will throw in the Rotor and the 45/45 tank (it is out of hydro as of 9/13 but will pass)












CCM S6.5 FS w/ barrel kit

02 September 2013 - 06:20 PM

Marker: CCM S6.5
Condition: 9/10 (1 scratch on reg and asa)
Color:  Grey w/ Pink Accents
Upgrades: N/A
Known Problems:  None
Asking Price:  $500
Shipping Options: USPS w/ insurance
Trades of interest:  None
Location of item:  Charlotte, NC
What is Included:  Marker, JT soft case, original grips, CCM barrel kit


I am going to grad school, so I am not going to be able to be playing as much as I would like!  Hoping this goes to a good home, the $500 does include the barrel kit.







Purple Splash F5 G6R FS

02 September 2013 - 05:46 PM

Marker:  F5 G6R OLED
Condition: 9.5/10, small breach wear
Color: Black with Purple Splash
Upgrades:  LP Poppet
Known Problems:  None
Asking Price: $625, $650 w/ SLP reg
Shipping Options:  USPS with insurance
Trades of interest:  Axe+Cash
Location of item:  Charlotte, NC
What is Included:  Box, marker, single oring rebuild


I am starting grad school in January so my playing time is going to be limited and I wanted this to go to someone who will be able to appreciate it more.