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In Topic: Big PSP Rule Changes for 2015

14 December 2014 - 05:19 PM

I doubt mech makes a comeback in the tourney scene... sadly. Although I agree those were really fun games to watch and play. Hyperball in general is what I miss playing. I love a nicely setup hyperball field with a bunch of oldschool markers. We had a few old school tournament days at my old field. They were always the funnest days. You'd have guys show up with RT mags pushing 1200 psi and they were machine guns... next to smooth shooting quiet autocockers with a hint of tippmann in the mix. The sound was fantastic haha.


As for the cheater board thing. I doubt it'll be as big of an issue as it was in the past. Anyone can cheat with a stock board too. Just turn the eyes off and have a higher rate of fire in the eyes off mode... Bam, you have no vision, but you're shooting faster anyway. With todays loaders you can pull that off without issue. You had that same thing done in psp ramping too. Basically, If someones going to cheat, they're going to find a way to do it regardless... and that's an easy way to do it.


I also think it should be semi across the board, get rid of ramping and people will continue to play paintball. They'll save money, new players wont be overshot extremely bad (unless it's mostly intentional), it will create a larger gap between the good players and the ones that rely on their marker to do all the work, and the level of play will be more visible between divisions as the more well rounded players will actually advance rather than the robots.

In Topic: Big PSP Rule Changes for 2015

11 December 2014 - 11:57 PM

Keep the semi. Allow non- stock boards (fucks me over lol) and make it capped semi across the board. WIll you see cheater boards like in the past? probably. It's not like they don't exist now though... don't be a fool. Breakout modes and all of that are still being used with psp 12.5.


Also, Fuck coaching. It takes away from the game. Your Snake player might as well be controlled by remote with coaching. I hated that the most this past season. You go to make a huge move on their snake player and before you get there they know you're coming for them. "HIGHWAY, HIGHWAAY, HIGHHHHWAYYYY". Takes the talent right out of it. Let the players play for themselves and let these big moves happen. I don't know how many big run downs I saw ruined because of this, these are game changing plays too, and they're taken away from the player. 


Let the better players win the big plays, not the robots.

In Topic: Getting into to phantoms

11 December 2014 - 05:47 PM

Yes, that's a phantom in the RSC (rear stock class) configuration. That's how my first phantom began. I later purchased a dropout changer, rainman pump kit, different length barrels, different bodies, etc. 


I could build my phantom in just about any configuration. Man I loved that thing.

In Topic: Need a new gun.

07 December 2014 - 05:05 PM

lol 3 pods a tank.


I have 4 shockers now and counting. All of which are getting over 7 pods per fill. The ones sporting the eigenbolts are getting even more than that. Probably 10 or so, when I rock my 90 sl I hardly ever even have to worry though because I'm well above 10 pods with all of them lol


Shockers are sick. I love my shockers. 


When it comes to a budget marker for ~ $250, I wouldn't count shockers out at all. I'd also consider a macdev droid, 07 cyborg, dm6-8, pm7-8, 2k5 or 2k6 intimidator, marq6-7, marq edge/ closer/ dark, BL vice/ protege, ego7-8, eteks (not my first choice but they work), or even look at fep quests or Infinity legends. I've owned just about all of these I've listed and I could say nice things about all of them. Shockers have always had a special place for me though.

In Topic: 2 Markers for the rest of your life!

03 December 2014 - 06:26 PM

all original Gmax shocker




Another  PL Shocker (waffle, hustle, or a strange), CCM rip framed, with an aka 2 liter, clear can, eigenbolt, IPR mod, and a fresh simple anodizing.