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Which project to finish first?!

26 September 2009 - 10:37 PM


Haven't posted here much for a while but why not.

I always have projects going on, but don't finish right away. Due to lack of time, motivation, and procrastination.

Anyway, just wanted to show (but not brag), some of the projects I have going on right now.

Just for fun, I want to know what you guys think I should finish first because I feel like I am always doing a bit here and a bit there on each project, not just focusing on one. I can't decide which to finish first so I need some help!

So although I am very busy lately, I will work solely on one project at a time :P

1. JT Excellerator "Spump"
Alot needs to be done:
-Wooden pump handle
-Wooden jewels and detent cover
-LP mods
-Maybe more milling?
-Wooden trigger (or maybe lexan or aluminum?)
-Offset feedneck for ten round tubes, or mod the stock feedneck to fit a electronic loader, or just stock feedneck with a "mini'd" gravity hopper?
-12g changer maybe?
-Drill and tap a hole in the body to allow a macro line setup of that like an autococker (where its like a C shape on the side) eliminating the reg?
-Dual pump rods

Posted Image

2. Spyder MR3 (NOTE: "Suppressor" is FAKE and just for looks, will add orange tip too it)
I'm not sure if I want to keep the "MP7 replica look" or do something different like an "MP5" look or a "Scorpion" look. Maybe even just make it a "pistol" setup, because if all parts are taken off it can be very small and a 12g changer could be added.
But if it stays like this:
-LEAP tadao milling needs to be finalized
-Stock needs to be made retractable
-Fake magazine (wood or sheet metal?)
-Maybe single trigger?
-LP mods?
Not sure what else.

Posted Image

3. Piranha Bolt action pump

-Stock/body needs to be obtained/made. I haven't decided what look to go with. Maybe something simple like an "M40" look (even like a mini "M40" like a CQB version just for paintball-ease-of-use reasons) or something more unique/futuristic. This is where I need a lot of input???
-Above is the main issue, because once that is figured out I will know what to do like where to attach asa with remote coil, or get a 12g changer, and whether or not to cut the frame off and make a single trigger, etc...

Posted Image

4. Spyder 08 Electra
This is an on-going project of mine. Mainly just upgrading and whatnot, but I always have something to change.
What has been done already:
-Polished internals
-Custom grips
-Custom trigger
-New reg (switch between hyper 2 and evi det)
-Invert nightstick CF barrel
-Virtue board
-Bolt pin modded so its basically as low as it can go without touching the body
-Modded trigger set screw

Still to be/can be done:
-Mod solenoid pin
-Make a snatch grip
-More triggers (out of lexan too)
-Possibly more LP mods but the 08 electra is basically already LP stock
-new bolt
-Window lower tube?
I'm sure there is more.

Posted Image
Posted Image
(Other grips)

5. Empire Reloader-B internal in a Prophecy shell
This is just an idea I had but think it'd be neat. I have two pairs of Proph shells, one which I painted white. I also have a Reloader B with a fried board that I obviously dont use. So I want to pick up a new board, and then put the Reloader internals in the Proph shell. Obviously alot would need to be done but definitely possible.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Basically I want you guys to help me and give me motivation on which to finish first.

?'s mean issues I would like your input on so please tell me what you think would be best/what you would do. Please give me input on everything you want to.

(No, I am not an indesicive person)


Using a High Speed Camera to Determine FPS...

29 July 2009 - 11:16 AM

Well this one may be rather simple and impractical, but I was thinking couldn't you use the high speed camera to determine FPS?

I can almost say yes, but I am not positive.

Since the simple physics formula is v=d/t then this test would be quite easy.

You could have a set distance from a target, say 50 ft. Fire the marker while filming it and get the time, say .25 seconds. So the FPS would be 200 FPS.

Now who knows how accurate this would be but then you could do this say 10 times, and get your average FPS then use a real chrono and see how close it is.

And in a way if you filmed so slowly and get the EXACT time (ex, .24718 seconds) could this be MORE ACCURATE than a chrono???

I don't know maybe this is a useless issue, but I am just curious.


08 Spyder Electra "Tests" and "MR3 MP7 Kit" Preveiw.

14 October 2008 - 03:10 PM

Just a video of some requested things people wanted to see.

Yes, MR3 board has alot of problems. No it isn't finished yet.

Oh and at one point during the brittle paint test I aud'd it and it hit 15 bps in semi. Not to brag but that is an improvement for me :)


Custom MP7 Spyder MR3 "kit" WIP.

09 October 2008 - 05:38 PM

Well I am not going to post too much, I want to finish first.

But basically I didn't use this gun too much so I wanted to spice it up a little. I was just going to put an M4 stock on it and make a "barrel shroud". But that's too bland :P So I decided to make it look like an MP7.

Doesn't look the greatest and isn't 100% accurate, or 100% finished so...bare with me.

This is kind of what I had it at for a while:
Posted Image

Then it "increased", like so:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

And here is where I am at:
Posted Image
Posted Image

It still needs one or two more coats of paint.

I also plan on making a retractable stock, which I have a plan in mind for.

I want to make a fake extended magazine too, but I don't know how yet so ideas welcomed.

Some spumps I made.

08 October 2008 - 09:40 PM

Well heres some spumps I amde a while back. They have undergone a lot of changes, and the second one "died" :(

Anyway just thought I'd show them here:

Posted Image
Posted Image