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The Walking Dead sceanrio at Southern Maryland Paintball Oct 26th-27th

25 September 2013 - 09:07 AM



The Walking Dead

A bustling town of thousands immersed with business and learning, is not prepared for the ongoing infections. Until now, local government officials have ignored the warnings, until the regions largest hospital went quiet. Phone calls went unanswered and nobody opened the doors, locked and bolted from the inside. The police were called, they sent a team in, they did not return. They sent a second, much larger team in. Gunfire erupted as the survivors raced back to the exit, slamming the doors behind them with stories of unimaginable horror, of people gone mad. Three days later the town of La Plata went dark.

As the first reports of infected town had leaked out onto the National news most people paid it little attention.The first quarantined town was easily dismissed and nothing for the general population to worry about. Even though a hospital had been lost, most people did not pay attention to the events that where unfolding.

A local mayor started to take notice when footage was released of the first mangled man walking out of the hospital and attacked the nearest first responder. The news footage showed a “walker” crossing the street toward another firefighter, ignoring the shots and projectiles thudding into it from the nearby sheriff. The camera stayed focused, as more “walkers” emerged from the hospital, unhurriedly walking toward the deputies who had begun to flee the scene.

Months later in the town of Newburg, the Mayor address his people. Months of constant attacks, lack of food and sleep had taken their toll on them all. They look at him listlessly, sullen and defeated.He is ready to tell them the truth, to tell them about the new world that they live in. It’s time to bring them hope. It’s time to give them a purpose.Now it was time to fight back against the undead.

  • $40 Early Bird - on or before October 6th (includes a FREE "Walking Dead" event T-Shirt)
  • Includes $10.00 off a case of Professional Grade Paintballs (When pre-paid online)
  • $45 Pre-Registration - on or before October 20th (includes a FREE "Walking Dead" event T-Shirt)
  • Includes $10.00 off a case of Professional Grade Paintballs (When pre-paid online)
  • $50 Normal Registration - After October 20th (Does NOT include event T-Shirt)

Pre-Register Here
Registration includes:
  • All 2 Day admission Saturday October 26 - Sunday October 27th.
  • Unlimited Compressed Air (4500 fills, compressors on site to supply air for guests)
  • Free Rental Equipment.
  • Free Camping
  • Pre-Registered Players receive a FREE "Walking Dead" Event T-Shirt.
  • Special Discounted pre-paid price for Professional Grade Paintballs (online only)

Event Paint:
  • Event Competition Grade - $60 per case day of the event.
  • Event Professional Grade - $65 per case day of the event
  • Pre-Paid Professional Grade - 55.00 per case online only.

Event Times:

October 26th (Saturday)
  • 7:30am - Registration Opens
  • 9:15am - Safety and Game Briefing
  • 10:00am - Game Begins
  • 12:30pm - Lunch Break
  • 1:30pm - Game Resumes
  • 5:00pm - Dinner Break.
  • 5:45pm - Raffle Drawing #1
  • 6:30pm - Game Resumes (Evening Play)
  • 8:00pm - Evening Play Ends

October 27th (Sunday)
  • 7:30am - Registration re-opens
  • 9:15am - Safety and Game Briefing
  • 10:00am - Game Begins
  • 12:30pm - Lunch Break
  • 1:30pm - Game Resumes
  • 3:30pm - Game Break to Prepare for the final battle.
  • 4:15 - Final Battle begins
  • 5:00 - Final Battle Ends
  • 5:30 - Awards and Raffle Drawing #2


Pre-Register Here


Battle for Lanzerath Hill 11/17

21 October 2012 - 08:52 PM

http://insanityprodu...ns.net/event-re ... event_id=9

Pasadena Paintball Park
Curtis Bay,Md

Suddenly without warning. A barrage of artillery registered at about 0530 hours and continued until about 0700 hours. The artillery was relentless and frightening……I called regiment and told them, ‘the TD’s are pulling out, what should we do?’ The answer was loud and clear: ‘HOLD AT ALL COSTS!’ … he spotted in the dawn light a long column of what appeared to be about 500 German troops headed toward them from the east. Their distinctive helmet style told Bouck they were paratroopers, among the best soldiers Germany could field. None of his training or experience prepared him for this situation, outnumbered as he was by perhaps 20-1”

What each side had that day:
90 minute artillery barrage
500 paratroopers
1st SS Panzer Division
6th Panzer Army

18 recon soldiers
4 artillery observers
2 machine guns
1 Jeep

Entry: $25 online, $35 on game day
Paint: $55 online, $65 on game day
( RPS tournament grade paint)
Food available onsite

7:00 a.m. Registration Opens
9:00 a.m. Rules Briefing & Prize Give-away
9:30 a.m. Teams head to fields (Deuce transport available!)
10:00 a.m. Game Start
3:30 p.m. Final Battle
4:00 p.m. Game End; scores and prizes immediately afterward

A limited number of HPA tanks will be available for rent for this event.

Late arrivals will be briefed, chrono’d and able to enter the game at Rejuvenation times (every 20 minutes).

Cancellations must be made at least 72 hrs. prior to game start. No refunds or transfers for cancellations made less than 72 hrs. prior to the game.

Paint and smoke grenades (non-heat generating), radios, mortars, and semi-auto markers. No full-auto, ramping, etc.

-Home made Nerf Launchers (Commercially Mfg'd Launchers or Game-Issued ONLY)
-Grenade launchers
-Laser sights
-Paint other than event paint
-Full-Auto or multi-shot burst markers
-Smoke that must be lit

There will be a caterer on site for this game.

Teams in attendance for this event include:
SOS (Germans)
Sofa Kingdom (Germans)
Soviet paintball (Allies)
Kent Island Seamonkeys (Allies)
and many more!