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In Topic: Which mask and color is this

09 July 2014 - 07:54 PM

I don't know how much more gear is in canada. How much is a new i4 in Canada?

Also have you tried it on before? It is an extremely small mask. If you didn't try on any masks yet, I HIGHLY recommend goi to a pro shop and trying on ALL the masks, then buying whichever one fits the best, don't even look at price

You make the same recommendation to everyone looking for a mask… Just saying :P

In Topic: HELP! with Crossfire Hydro problem

09 July 2014 - 11:04 AM

Unless you're ready to take them to small claims court (and probably spend more than the cost of a new tank doing so), the question of whether the shop is legally liable is kind of beside the point. In many places, small claims under a certain dollar value aren't legally binding anyway. In situations like this, it's usually much easier to get satisfaction working with the vendor than working against them. If it were me, I'd want to deal in person with the owner of the shop. That way you know that the person you're talking to has the authority to fix your problem, cares about the reputation of the business, and isn't worried that his/her boss will be displeased if they incur additional costs solving your problem. I'd explain that I brought my equipment to them with the understanding that they are experts, and that the sort of issue they ran into with your tank is exactly why you were paying them to do the work. You assumed that if there was a problem with Loctite, they'd use their expertise (heat?) to loosen it, as opposed to just horsing it and risk snapping the reg. I'd point out that for the same money, you could have shipped your tank to Crossfire, but that you prefer to support local businesses. And then I'd ask them again to stand by their work, either fixing or replacing your equipment at no cost to you. If they are still unwilling to do so, I would show them a complaint that I had already drafted, that includes a detailed and accurate description of what happened, and let them know that you are going to file it with the local Better Business Bureau and attorney general, and post it on every local paintball forum, Facebook page, and consumer rating site (eg Yelp) that you can find, every month, until the situation is resolved. Make YouTube videos every month or so, updating where you are with your issue. Search for "qmto SLG" on YouTube for an example. Kevin's ongoing account of his interaction with Dye/Proto is fantastic. The title of my description would be something along the lines of "Bob's Paintball broke my tank and wouldn't make it right."


PS The fire station isn't relevant. They were acting as a subcontractor/vendor for the shop.

Thanks for your input, I honestly do not know if they would tell me to bring my problems to the fire station anyway… I hope not


They didn't put the loctite on there so how is that their fault? I can't see in your pics but do you know what color was used?  As far as cost, once you get it to Crossfire you're in the $90 total investment range plus a reg. It may be cheaper to get something else.

The shop told me that the regulator snapped because of the use of red loctite, and I took my tank to get it hydro-tested at least I could use it in the condition it was in when I brought it to them.

I did get my money back and sent it to Crossfire so (assuming they get the threads out of the bottle) they will charge me the cost of regular hydro-test and although they could charge me extra for that they put it in the cost of a regular hydro which is 25$.