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HELP! with Crossfire Hydro problem

08 July 2014 - 07:51 PM

Hi all!
Long story short, I took my 70ci 4500psi Crossfire tank to a paintball shop near me to get a hydro test cost 45$ which would have been around the same price to get it hydro'd at Crossfire (10$ shipping there + 25$ hydro + 10$ shipping back). Later that day I get a call saying that there was a problem and because of the use of loc-tite they snapped the regulator off in the process of trying to remove it. The pictures show the damage.
I found out that the shop transports the tanks to a fire station for them to do the hydro-test and that is where the reg snapped off.
My one question is: Is the shop liable for any damage done to the tank? 
I called up crossfire and the tech said there is a chance he can still remove what is left of the regulator to perform the hydro but I would still need a new reg because obviously this one is busted and assuming CF can't fix it then Im out 150$ for a new tank…
Thanks in advance!!!