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GoG G1 Help!

29 February 2012 - 03:51 PM

Hey TechPB,

I recently purchased a used GoG G1 from a person, and it had a minor problem out of the box.

- When fired, a light "puff" sound comes out, and the balls rolls out of the barrel.

I've lubed the bolt, cleaned out the whole gun with no success.

When dry fired w/o eyes, it still makes the same light "puff" sound. I can see the bolt going to the breach.

I need help soon, because I plan on going to play in the next few days.


Reballs vs. Regular Paintballs

21 February 2012 - 06:02 PM

Hey TechPB.

I'm wondering a few things about Reballs vs. Regular Paintballs.

Let's say I get an average fps of 290 with reballs. If I shot with paintballs, would it average the same?

I'm testing out a bunch of guns this week and I have a couple of pods of reballs lying around. Would you suggest just buying paint, or would reballs work okay?


GoG G1 Questions.

19 February 2012 - 07:59 PM

Hello TechPB.

Over the course of a couple weeks, I have come to the conclusion that buying the GoG G1 would be a good idea for woodsball play. Unfortunately, the company I wished to order from says that it comes stock with an angled feedneck, and there is no vertical feedneck on the market currently. Is there any Vertical feedneck that would fit the GoG G1? Also, is the GoG G1 a good gun?


Proto Reflex Rail 2012 vs. Infinity Legend

14 February 2012 - 03:23 PM

Hey TechPB.

I'm currently rolling a Dangerous Power G4 w/ Ninja 68/4500 and a Pinokio loader. My Dangerous Power G4 has had problems since the day I opened the box. After one round of paintball, I'm already out of air or one of the o-rings broke. I've saved up enough, and I'm thinking about the Reflex Rail 2012 or the Infinity Legend.

What I'm looking for:

Customer Service
Replacement Parts
Board/Board Adjust-ability
General Problems

I'm thinking about getting a used Vice, but I had some problems buying used the last time (not on this forum), so keep that in mind.

If you have any other recommendations (Not the axe - I don't really like the feel of the Axe or the idea of spending money on upgrades) please feel free to tell me.

Thanks for reading my post!


Troy (ImAnExtremist)

NEXT Paintball - Good?

10 February 2012 - 04:45 PM

Hey TechPB!

I'm somewhat new to paintball, and only recently have I been considering playing speedsball. NEXT Paintball was the place I went to for a friends birthday well over 3 years ago, and it was a blast. Now that I've been considering speedsball, I've been wondering: Do they allow walk-on speedsballers? Also, how are the regulars? (Mean, Nice, etc.) My friend and I have been considering getting into speedsball, and this place was the only place around my area that has an indoor speedsball place.

Thanks in advance!

Troy (ImAnExtremist)