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AAA rumor

29 January 2012 - 08:13 PM

i heard a rumor today from a friend who told me triple a is opening again anybody know anything and does anyone know if fort red rock is still open the same guy told me that he thought it was closed

Ahhhhhhhh Rampage Ape board HELP ME

27 January 2012 - 02:28 PM

I recently bought an invert mini on ebay... the listing was simple... invert mini stiffi carbon fiber barrel magnetic detents...$225 shipped.. thats it. i got it in the mail yesterday and i was looking around on youtube to get familar with everything and i notice the lights on the board were diff colors than stock so i opened it up and it says ape rampage on the side so i started looking around for ape rampage advice.. i downloaded the pdf manual and holy dog doo i am in way over my head i would like to say that i know the basics of boards but the manual started telling me to do some kinda algebra equation to set my gun up. I dont play every week end so its not like i need a custom tournament gun set up or something but i guess my question is... is it a good board.. do i need to even try to dive in to this or leave it..the gun shoots great just looking for some solid opinions i guess please help i thought about putting up a youtube vid asking techpb for help but mike prob doesnt have time for my overly complicated mini board lol any help would be appriciated

Alabama Paintball

27 January 2012 - 11:54 AM

I am 23 years old and i have been playing paintball as a hobby since i was about nine or ten.. I am still playing and i still love it. I got on this techpb thing to see what its all about. i was pumped to see an alabama paintball section bc i want more people to play with in the area. i started reading and all i see is, "man this state sucks" "theres no tourneys man" "everywhere i play is new people it sucks".... no offense to anyone on this forum.. BUT if you guys wanna play paintball stand up and band together and freaking play dont put people down for there ions or whatever and dont say teenagers are to new to play... bc then it u and ur one buddy playing each other.. alot of the newbies act this way bc the dont grow up playing in a welcome enviroment... My birthday is coming up in febuary.. and I am a firefighter in Hoover Al..... I am inviting anybody out there to come join me for my bday at fort red rock on Feb 25th thats a saturday... I play speedball but i am open to all games... After that we will make another date to play and a field where ever the people who show up wanna play of whatever is conv. I have about 6 to 10 people coming with me.. This is my attempt at getting a little brotherhood at the sport. If you are interested hit me up if you around the hoover area i am always wanting to talk about or helkp out in anyway i can.. i can fix guns or whatever.. So here it is... Who wants to play paintball