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Nuketown 2013 Opening

13 May 2013 - 11:50 AM

Nuketown 2013 is here!

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More pictures are here https://www.facebook...05573288&type=1

GoPro with external mic

01 September 2012 - 11:29 AM

So I orderd this mic for my GoPro yesterday. It should get here for Paintball Explosion's honorary 9/11 game. As anyone knows, GoPro has one of the best quality internal mics for action cams, but it still sucks. I am tired of how loud noises can turn into absolute annoying mush. So I bought the mic. Plus, now when my camera is brushing up against stuff, it doesn't make a loud ass noise.


How to not play paintball

23 August 2012 - 05:21 PM

Is it just me, or does it look like another douche bag who just lights up renters and people below his skill level? And he doesn't ever once barrel tag or ask for a surrender.

Operation United (limited paint/mag fed event) Sept 23rd at Jungle Cat Paintball

23 July 2012 - 09:23 PM

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$40 to pre register on my team's website www.bcbspaintball.fluuxdev.com. $50 at the door if we have spots left. This event is capped at 50 people unless we have a large interest in expanding the event.

This is a mag fed/limited paint game. Markers you can use are any mag fed markers with a 30 round or less magazine, a marker with a bt rip clip or cyclone fed marker that has a 30 round tac cap, or pump markers with a 100 round or less hopper. Sorry, no speedball style markers with small hoppers.

All field rules apply to this event.

All markers must have a tourney lock and be locked to semi auto only (If your marker is mechanical, you do not need to worry about this)

No tools will be allowed on the field.

Smoke grenades, pyrotechs, land mines, trip wires, tanks, and other props are not allowed without prior approval to the event.

Velocity: Max 280fps for semi-auto. 300 for pumps.

First Strike are not allowed. [Explanation is on JCP site]

Carry on paint must follow JCP's carry on rules

Operation United Schedule
8:30 Gates Open
9:00 Opening Ceremony/Briefing
10-10:20 Hostage Recovery
10:20-10:40 Break
10:40-11:00 Base Demolition
11:00-11:20 Break
11:20-11:40 Attack and Defend
11:40-12:00 Break
12:00-12:20 Downed Pilot
12:20-12:40 Break
12:40-1:00 Search and Destroy
1:00-1:45 Lunch
1:45-2:00 Brief
2:00-2:20 To be determined
2:20-2:40 Break
2:40-3:00 Juggernaut Battle
3:00-3:30 Prepare for final battle
3:30-4:00 Final Battle
4:00 Break before final ceremony
4:30 Final Ceremony

Mini Scenarios

Hostage Recovery

Your team has received information that the enemy has a soldier hostage. Your team must infiltrate the enemyís base and bring back the captured soldier. It is not ill advised to give the soldier a weapon once you have secured him (or her). But beware, the soldier has been held hostage and has been tortured for months. Their sanity may be dwindling. It is also advised you keep a very close eye on him.
-A team must go to the enemyís base, secure the hostage, and bring them back to their base.
-There is one respawn at the halfway point in the game (10 minutes after game starts)
-Game is called when the soldier is returned to their base.
-50 points for securing the soldier.
-50 points for returning the soldier to base.
-25 points will be deducted if the hostage soldier is shot by his own team. (Most likely due to self defense)

Base Demolition

Satellite images have shown that an Israeli ammo crate was dropped between the SAS the SEALís bases. In that ammo crate is C4. Either team must obtain this C4 and bring to the enemyís base to destroy it. The C4 has a 15 second timer.
-A team must take a flag at the center of the field (non disclosed location) and bring it to the enemyís flag station.
-There is one respawn at the halfway point in the game (10 minutes after game starts)
-Game is called when C4 is detonated.
-25 points for taking control of the C4.
-75 points for destroying the enemyís base.

Attack and Defend

The SAS has taken over the SEALís base. The SEALís have classified information about a huge assault on London. The SEALs must retake the base and stop the SAS from sending the classified information back to administration in London.
-The SAS starts in the defending position. The SEALS must infiltrate the base and hang their colors.
-The SAS are trying to bring the classified documents back to their base.
-75 points for whichever sideís flag is hanging in the base when the game ends.
-25 points to the SAS if the SAS get the classified documents to their base.
-25 points to the SEALS if the SAS does not succeed in getting the documents back.
-Single elimination for the SAS.
-One respawn at the halfway point of the game for the SEALS. (10 minutes after game starts)

Downed Pilot

The SAS has shot down a SEALS helicopter. There are an unknown amount survivors and the helicopter is in an unknown location and can only be seen by the smoke coming from the crash. The SEALS must take the survivors to extraction point Alpha. SAS does not know where extraction point Alpha is, but will be able to locate it easily and there will be a smoke grenade thrown off at the point when the survivors are recovered. If extraction point Alpha is too hot, the SEALS must go to extraction point Bravo (the original crash site).
-5 minute respawns for both sides (Survivors may not respawn).
-100 points to the SEALS for bringing the survivors to the extraction point A.
-50 points to the SEALS for bringing the survivors to the extraction point B.
-25 points to the SAS for every hostage eliminated.
-50 points to the SAS for making extraction point Alpha too hot.
-75 points to the SAS for preventing the extraction of the survivors (this will void the 50 points achieved from making extraction point Alpha too hot)

Search and Destroy

The SAS has just seen satellite imagery of the SEALS building a stock pile of armored vehicles and small arms in preparation of a large assault on the United Kingdom. The SAS must infiltrate the area and place C4 on the 2 vehicles and weapons cache. The SEALS do not know when the SAS will attack nor will they know where they will be attacking from.
-The SAS must place a C4 on each of the 3 objectives. A ref will count down 15 seconds when a C4 is placed on the objective. If the C4 was not moved by a SEAL then the device will go off and the SAS will gain 50 points per objective blown. For every objective not blown by the SAS, the SEALS will gain 50 points.
Prepare for lunch and talk strategy

Juggernaut Battle

An anonymous donor has supplied one super suit to the SEALS and one to the SAS. These allow the wearer to only be killed by a grenade specially made to penetrate the suits. The donor has also sent three of these grenades to both the SAS and the SEALS. Your goal is to kill the other teamís juggernaut and take the suit back to your base. (paint grenades will be supplied by the event coordinator)
-Game ends when the enemyís suit is taken back to the base.
-50 points for killing the enemy juggernaut.
-50 points for taking the suit back to the base.

Final Battle

Itís the final raid, the ultimate truth on which special forces is superior. The SAS and SEALS have found themselves on a tight battle field under stressful conditions. There are three command posts you must fight for. These will be hard control, and even harder to keep. Every 5 minutes, your team will receive 1- points for each command post you control. After the first 10 minutes, there will be unlimited respawn, unless the event coordinator sees it fit to open up respawn earlier. This fire fight will be intense and tensions will be high, be on your A game, and you might come out victorious.

First Strike Drum Mag

22 July 2012 - 09:48 PM

A lot of people have been saying the drum mag rap4 is coming out with (and even the higher cap dmags) is going to make first strike a high volume game. ive also heard a couple they are going to be shooting like the would if they had hopper fed marker or box mag. i really dont think there is anything to worry about. until we see a significant drop in price of first strikes, no one is going to be doing this.

on another note though, if the drum mag does come out before the next living legends, im bringing it and buying an extra box of first strike just to go full auto first strike during the dinner battle just to say i did so, lol