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In Topic: empire sniper upgrades

09 January 2015 - 04:46 PM

Do not upgrade a thing on the Empire Sniper, it is great just as it is. Really, great barrel system, auto-trigger, regulator, lever feed-neck clamp, on/off ASA, etc.... 

Save the "upgrade money", if you really like pump play, your next upgrade should be a CCM or something you make yourself....But not now, just work on your game and do not skimp on paint quality.


Good Luck and welcome to pump play.

In Topic: WGP Sniper 2k4 Pump or Azodin KP2

09 January 2015 - 12:32 PM

First of all, welcome to pump paintball. It's like regular paintball, only better...at least I think so.


Both the Azodin Kaos and the Sniper that Gateway puts together are solid and reliable as they come, but as you mention, you are likely to upgrade them, and for good reason.


In both cases, they need a barrel kit. Depending on what type hopper you prefer, maybe a feed-neck clamp, the Azodin may need a new regulator, I like an on/off ASA too and since you are not walking the trigger with a pump, you may want to get a single trigger frame too....Maybe a "hit-man" mod? At the end of the day you will spend about $400-$500. And that is if you do not make any mistakes buying the right parts and putting them together. In the case of the Azodin, you will still have a $100-$200 marker. In the case of the Gateway Sniper you will have a nicer, better built and more valuable marker, in both cases it is not what I would do for a first pump. 


Spend a few extra dollars and get yourself an Empire Sniper, it is maybe the most significant pump marker to be introduced in the past few years and has lead to a surge in pump play.  At $420 you can buy it for about the same of less than the other two markers you have listed, once you spend the money on the needed upgrades. 


Let's look at what you get for your money purchasing the Empire Sniper, and how much it will cost if you purchased these upgrades for the Gateway Sniper or Kaos :


Barrel Kit (3 backs + one front)         $120

Auto-trigger                                       $60 upgrade (only if you upgrade the frame)

Clamping Feed-neck                         $30-50

On/Off ASA                                       $40-60

Hit-Man lever                                    $15-30

Single Trigger frame                         $60-100

Delrin Bolt                                         $20-30

Stock-class feed                               $30

A very nice regulator                        $50-80


Total: $395 - $515, and that does not include the marker!


All of this comes in the Empire kit where everything matches, is designed to work together and is NEW.... and for a lot less than buying everything separately.


The trick to the Empire Sniper is to buy it, use it and do not upgrade anything. Nothing NEEDS upgrades, put that "upgrade money" in a jar and when you decide what you really like, then spend the money on a CCM, and get a real upgrade.


Now there may be some that say just buy a used WGP Sniper or build one yourself, both a good options down the road, but not for a first pump. A lot of the used converted Autocockers are cobbled together with worn and mismatched parts and are sure to taint your pump experience. When you have become more of an expert, you may want to build your own, but just the fact that you are asking these questions now, means you are not ready yet.


The other good news if you take care of your Empire Sniper, it may be the last pump you buy, it is that good. If you decide you want to upgrade at some point, they sell for about $300 used, so you will not take too big of a loss.


Good Luck and welcome to pump paintball.