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In Topic: Favorite/Best Pump

01 January 2014 - 11:10 PM

Chipley Machine CCM T2 is my favorite...I have not shot a CCM J12 yet. When I get mine, I may need to update this post, for now these are my choices. 


CCM S6.5 shot the same as a T2. Mostly just a different look and a single pump arm. If you like the way to looks more than a T2, it’s a great choice as well. I prefer the smoother lines of the T2.   


While I like the way they look, I am not a fan of full-blocks, just not fond of the extra weight or the scratched-up goggles, though if you are the CCM J2L or Series 6 are both great markers. The J2Ls are rare, only available used and can cost more than a new S6, so if a full-block is what you want get an S6. 


CCM are the best value in paintball.The value of CCM markers are based on the quality of materials, workmanship and service rather than technology and fashion. Purchase a DYE DM-12 last year for $1300 last year, see it for $600 this year. Buy a CCM T2 last year for $700, sell it this year for $600. 


The BL MVP is a good marker, nice quality, just does not shoot as well as the CCMs. They are very consistent, mine shoots +/- 2 fps. 


The Phantom is a good stock class marker, does not compare to the CCM or the MVP, but it runs on 12s and looks like a space gun. Unless you are committed to stock class, not a great choice for a first pump marker.


If one is on a budget, the Empire Sniper is a very good value and has a low price. Good mid-block design, comes with a barrel kit, locking feed-neck clamp, on/off ASA, Hit-man mod, good trigger, etc...Like I said, a really good value, just mot near the quality (or price) of the CCM products. 


If you are asking this question, you should stay away from Autocockers converted to pumps. If you are an expert (and you are not), you could get something really great, but a lot of these markers are cobbled together from worn and mismatched parts and do not work well. I have a few friends that were turned-off to pumping because they started with these sloppy and unreliable excuses for a pump.   


Good Luck!

In Topic: Which pump to buy

01 January 2014 - 10:29 PM

No beating a T2...great choice.

In Topic: CCM T2 advice

02 September 2013 - 11:49 PM

There is no better purchase in paintball than a CCM marker.


I have a couple T2s and think they are great; well designed, flawlessly executed, made of great materials, American made, great customer service, easy to service and maintain. 


How does that translate on the field? Super light weight, great balance, smooth pump stroke, great shot to shot consistency, very efficient, very reliable and a great mechanical feel that is a joy to operate.


As if this was not enough, the resale value is outstanding; purchase a DYE DM 12 a few months ago for $1300, a year later used $600, purchase a CCM T2 last year for $700, sell it this year for $600...That’s value!


As for the frame style, I prefer the slim 45 with slim grip panels. I found the 86* feels good as well, maybe better if you plan on using a short tight tank.   


If you can afford a CCM T2, buy one! It will be your best paintball purchase.    

In Topic: Can you use a gravity fed hopper on a speed ball gun?

15 August 2013 - 10:14 PM

A gravity hopper works great for a Envey - I have a couple Dangerous Power E1s I use as loaners when we play with friends that don't have markers. We used to use Inverts on them. It made them top-heavy and bulky. I switched to the Proto Primo hoppers, they work great, the marker handles better and shoot as fast as I want to shot with that marker. Unless you are playing speedball and need to shoot more that 7 bps, I think you are better off with a gravity hopper.


Good Luck! 

In Topic: app50 vs app 100 loaders

14 August 2013 - 12:28 AM

I am a fan of gravity hoppers for my pumps. My set-ups are light with smaller hoppers and a 13/3000 tank, so I use a 50 most of the time. Some pumpers use larger tanks and larger hoppers, I have even seen some using ROTORS?


If you are using a 50, try to find a Winchester, if you can’t find one, the APP is second best.  The Winchester ($10-$30) feeds better, but can be fragile and require a lid modification. The APP ($5-$7) is made of stronger plastic, has a better feed-neck and some of the lids are OK, unfortunately they do not feed as well. 


If you want bigger, go with an Extreme Rage (Empire), they are a great design, feeds well and made well ($8-$12). Some use the Proto Primo ($15-$20), way to big and when loaded too heavy for me. I have a couple as I use them on my loaner DP E1s.


Again, I tend to be a snap shooter, so lightness and small size are my priority.


Good Luck!