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Yesterday, 11:27 AM

And you didn't even shit on her? Disappoint.

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18 September 2014 - 07:47 PM

We don't speak of the origins of taLl.

In Topic: Mini GS vs etha

18 September 2014 - 04:22 PM

Do you own a Mini? I do. If you don't, that means my opinion on a Mini carries a little more weight, considering I own one and have owned one since at least 2010. 


Also, you didn't need a vice to get the tank out. People these days are so spoiled by on/off ASAs that nobody even knows how to remove the tank on an ASA that doesn't have an on/off. You dry fire as you screw the tank out, so it relieves the pressure on the threads to make it easy to unscrew. Even if you didn't do that, it wasn't that bad to unscrew. Oh yeah, the board doesn't turn itself off in-game. My Mini has the old board, and I've had no issues. Also, the reg being inconsistent is a new one to me. Again, I own an older one and it sees use frequently. Other than a Freak barrel and Relay ASA, it's completely stock.


Let me clarify, some of the guns with V1 parts were known to have issues. But, those problem guns were few and far between, and I still see a lot of guns that probably have V1 parts on the fields.


Also, any field that requires you to de-gas your gun is being ridiculous in my opinion. Put on a barrel bag, power down the gun or put the safety on. De-gassing and gassing my gun back up after every game would be obnoxious, and a rule I would not follow.


Also, news flash, I have more credibility when I say something correct, and you immediately follow it up with something that isn't. I bet you weren't playing paintball when the Mini came out, I was. Kinda makes your comments on its performance shortly after release baseless, and heard secondhand at best. 

In Topic: Mini GS vs etha

18 September 2014 - 03:50 PM

The Etha is not a beginner gun, and it was also made to be used competitively. In terms of features and performance, the Etha and Mini GS are on the same level. Also, describing the Mini as "failing miserably" is laughable and completely incorrect. The Mini came out in 2006, for 324 dollars. It was a very solid gun for the money, and it's starting to show its age after 8 years of being on the market. It was so successful that they decided to keep the engine largely the same, and re-release it with some tweaks as the Axe. Also, the TM series guns, Vanquish, and Dfender all use tech and/or the same engine that came out in 2006. Saying it "failed miserably" makes me seriously question the credibility of your advice from here on out. 


Also, the portion of your post regarding the Etha is seriously flawed. At first you say it was designed to be a beginner gun, then you go on to say it was "so good it had to be toned down" to be in the entry level market. Quite contradictory if you ask me, and incorrect. The Etha was designed to be in it's price range from the start, same as the Mini GS.  

In Topic: Mini GS vs etha

18 September 2014 - 02:32 PM

If you haven't considered buying used, definitely go check some of the BSTs to see what you can get with your money. You'll be surprised to see what your money can get you nowadays on the used market. If for some reason you're against buying used, I'd personally pick the Mini GS. As far as features, they are about the same. I just prefer the shot of the Mini GS over the Etha. If I were you, I'd try to hold each and shoot each. Pick the one that fits in your hands better, has a better trigger to you, and/or shoots better to you, because those are the only real differences between the two.