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In Topic: So I Like A Girl

02 December 2014 - 09:08 AM

This went downhill fast.

In Topic: So I Like A Girl

28 November 2014 - 01:23 AM

Try asking her out using a note or through a text message (even in my head that sounds stupid) I have a hard timme talking to people I dont know ( I get nervious and say really stupid shit ). To me it would be bette just to ask her out and have her say no then to lust after someone  

I'm never asking someone out through a note (unless it's in a romantic way) or text message. 


My advice here would be to just play it cool and stay aloof to the whole thing. Try to find out what shes into, find out who her friends are parties she may be at, do a bit of research before you comitt. I have learned it's a lot easier to meet someone and "talk" to them in a social setting as opposed to taking her to a movie or something so much easier that way. Also it is a good feeler moment you can use to really find out how both you and her will react. Plus if it's not gonna work out you dont have her telling all her friends how much of a creeper you may be lol 

Yeah I know who her friends are the unfortunate part is that I have no contact with them whatsoever, whether that be at classes or just walking in the halls so getting in a group at a social event might be hard especially because I don't think she's the party type of girl. 


On a more serious note though. The first things you need to realize is that girls are humans just like you. They are not sweet angels sent from the heavens to be worshiped. A relationship is a two way street, a give and receive situation were no party should have to submit to the other (unless you are into that ;)). 


Be yourself, and nothing else. I know i'd hate myself if i had to pretend to be someone i'm not when i'm with my girlfriend. Likewise, i expect nothing more from her. She has plenty of weird personality quirks that you can consider weird. But that's completely fine. Once a relationship gets to the "i like you and you like me and we are totally comfortable with that" stage it's the best. At first it can be a little weird. But once the initial tension dies down you can just hang out, like you would with any other friend, but with some..... benefits, it's totally the best thing.... Okay maybe the second best thing after paintball. 

Thanks for the advice guys. I just joined a band at my school with a couple of my friends so I'm hoping when we do shows and stuff I can just invite a bunch of people out and she'll be there. My sister is coming home at around Christmas time and she's good with this kind of stuff so I was hoping she could help me out.

In Topic: Alcoholics

10 November 2014 - 07:30 PM

I agree with you, Hitman, to a point. I agree that it's silly to get super drunk while at a party or out in public where it could hurt someone, but if you get drunk at home with a few of your friends I don't see the harm because you are less likely to hurt someone. I won't say that you can't hurt anyone when drunk at home but you are far less likely to. I would never get drunk at a party but I've gotten drunk a couple times at home with a few of my friends and it's been a grand old time and no one got hurt. And yes I've been so drunk that I could barely stand and I didn't do anything stupid. I remembered everything the next day and it was a lot of fun.