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In Topic: Cool ways to make paintball better

10 July 2014 - 12:10 PM

Paintball is fun to play, but it's not that fun to watch, especially for casual viewers. If it's not fun to watch, you can't attract sponsors, and if you cant attract sponsors you cant get the money you need. Right now the tournaments are marketing to sell the " top-of-the-line" gear and paintball "lifestyle" to kids and people with a fair bit of disposable income. Because really at the end of the day, what's the difference between one gun that shoots 15 bps at 290 fps and another except snazzy " milling", snappy colors and several hundred dollars.

I agree with this. Paintball is truly a players game; from the typical points of view that fields offer, it is generally to hard to understand what is going on while watching the game at any tournament. I think that paintball field owners and tournament series owners need to reevaluate how spectators watch paintball in high levels, such as the PSP. The handful of people that go to watch Paintball want to see the best of the best play, so I don't see a reason why fields like CPX, who hosts Chicago, haven't invested in some form of a permeant paintball stadium for the pros to play in and spectators to watch from. 


As for the webcast, the most popular way for people to watch professional paintball and NCPA paintball, I am dumbfounded why companies don't pour their advertising money into it. It is the only way for paintball players not at the event to watch the tournament. If their immediate sales don't increase from the already exiting population of players, the webcast can only improve with the added funds and thus make it easier for people new to paintball to watch paintball. Then when players new to paintball go to by their gear, I'm sure they would be inclined to buy gear from the company that they saw on the webcast that got them playing paintball. Two companies have then created a better way to share paintball and brought new players into the sport.


There are so many ways to grow the paintball community's population and having a paintball stadium that I can see and understand what is going on, on the field or a webcast that looks like it could be shown on ESPN could defiantly help with the problem of sharing and watching the actual game of paintball. 


I think paintball would be more exciting if you simply changed how people physically watch the game from the outside looking in.


As for the financial discussion above, companies are approaching the physical limit of efficiency of their markers, as well as the shot quality and other aspects that usually differ marker to marker. Sooner or later, companies will realize that their products are so similar, who ever can offer them at a lower price will have an edge. Is there really $200 worth of technology and materials in a Dye Rotor....the financial burden is one of the main reasons I see people not coming back to play paintball.

In Topic: Best Tournament Paintball Rivalries?

15 June 2014 - 09:14 PM

Lol a rivalry isn't formed in one tournament...

I've left tournaments bitter rivals with teams I liked a couple days before, but to one's own. 

In Topic: Best Tournament Paintball Rivalries?

12 June 2014 - 11:34 PM

Joy/Dynasty was crazy at HB. I forgot about that one.

In Topic: Z2 Speedfeed problem

10 June 2014 - 03:47 PM

Same thing happens with me and a lot of other people. You could glue it but then you wouldn't be able to take it apart.


Try loading it ⅔ the way, works for me. 

In Topic: Planet Eclipse LV1 VS DLX Luxe 2.0 VS (if you can) PE Geo 3.1

17 November 2013 - 10:12 PM

This is how to decide; if you hold markers really hard get the lv1 because you will turn off the luxe every time you do a dive. If not then it's about which one do you think looks better since they shoot about the same amount of pods (not that you'd ever shoot 10 pods in a game) off a 68/4500. So since physics hasn't changed there is no better marker it's what looks best when it comes to high end markers.

I have to disagree just because this is not true. First Dave Bains of Impact was shooting 11-12 pods at PSP WCO. The back player on my team carries 10 and shoots 8-9. In tournament paintball, this is common. Being able to control the opponent by putting more paint in the air wins matches. 


As for physics, this is also not true. The physics of a spool and poppet valve marker are completely different-they get the ball out the barrel in different ways. Sure, once the ball leaves the breach, the trajectories are identical but the way the markers accelerate the ball to 300fps differ.