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Cool ways to make paintball better

09 July 2014 - 10:07 PM

I love playing paintball tournaments. It is one of the most competitive things I've ever done in my life; people literally want to shoot you. Who ever said "Hey lets take paintball which is already a competitive activity and turn it into a legit sporting competition for money" hats off to you.


Don't get me wrong, paintball as a whole is awesome. I love playing tournaments because it reminds me of other sports such as basketball that I also enjoy.


The best part is I believe that there is so much more that can be done with paintball through

  • competition paintball
  • technology in paintball
  • lowering financial obligations
  • as well as making paintball more enjoyable for the majority of people who play paintball occasion to occasion or as a hobby or an activity to have fun, ect
  • and so many other endless ways

I want to hear other peoples ideas they have to make paintball a better sport, hobby, past time, or activity. Im sure that many people have great ideas that could seriously impact how paintball is played or ways to make it an overall better thing.


Ive had so many thoughts on rules, making it more appealing to people who don't play, making the PBA webcasts for the PSP better for people familiar with paintball as well as people new to paintball, growing paintball in general, and many other things, that I have lost track of many of them.


My mom always says write shit down, so here it is for everyone that enjoys paintball to share their ideas.

Best Tournament Paintball Rivalries?

12 June 2014 - 05:49 PM

Rivalries are great. In your opinion, what is the best rivalry between two teams in tournament paintball in the 21st century?


My vote goes to Heat/RL after Heat picked up the Russians. 

Cup less than a week away and I've got a problem...

09 October 2013 - 11:41 PM

I'll be leaving for cup in six days and I need some advice regarding school. But first, here's the background.


I'm a freshman, I play basketball at a strong basketball school, and I strive to be a straight 'A' student and usually achieve that.


I'll be missing five days of school. My school defines absences two ways; excused and unexcused.


Through excused absences like being sick, doc appointments, funerals, hw and tests have the same amount of days to be taken as missed.


Through unexcused absences (vacations, everything else really), hw and tests must be made up before or turned in the day of through some means, but it is up to the discretion of the teacher. For anyone wondering its used to prevent people taking vacations during school. Sporting events are a different story tough, thats the catch.


I have worked out everything though all of my teachers (who are very understanding and supportive) with the exception of my spanish teacher. I told her "ill be absent this week from here to here and it will most likely be an unexcused absence. I have all the work done and I would like to take the xxx test before." She stopped me dead and said any work that is due or done that day will be a zero for the grade books and that is the department policy. She also said "if you were going to lie to the school regarding the reason of your absence, you probably should not have told me because now I know."


My school has a system where elite athletes, such as the National level club swimmers, AAU basketball players, ect. do not have to participate in a school sport. My sister being one of them, was excused for her week long national swim meet in Florida as her club sport replaced her school sport so to the school they saw it as her participating in her sport which the school defines as an excused absence.


Do I go to the administration and ask to receive the same treatment as my sister did even though I still play a school sport, tell admin and say I was sick even though my Spanish teacher will know something is up, or take the unexcused absence and take the hit? 


New Exalt Pads

20 August 2013 - 03:53 PM







Taken from Exalt's Facebook Page. Exalt Thrasher Elbow Pads and Slide Shorts. 


I think they look pretty fly  :tup:

My Nipple Hurts Me

17 August 2013 - 08:01 PM

I recently picked up an Lv1 and my tank's fill nipple sticks out directly into my right wrist. It ended up stabbing my wrist when I took a dive today and drew blood so I've decided that this needs to get fixed.


I have a Ninja reg so can I rebuild my reg so I replace the gauge with my fill nipple and plug the hole or something along those lines with the burst disks? A gauge is just something else to hurt me.


If not, is the Ninja Pro reg my best bet?