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In Topic: So you want to lodge on the Disney World property

25 August 2014 - 10:55 PM

I haven't stayed at the campground but I've walked through it to get to the ferry.  I would rate it as a nice camping area, but not really the comfort or service level you would normally receive from Disney.  If you really like camping and are trying to cut costs, it's a very viable option.  Some cabin sites are going to be a bit of a hike or even bus ride to the ferry boat, but others are quite an easy stroll.  I think they run ferries to only Magic Kingdom, so that's the way to go when visiting that park.  Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom either require a bus or multiple stops.


Are you pre-purchasing tickets from your px or base ticket office?  We found the savings on ticket prices that way to be significant, but it might limit your choices for what to buy.

In Topic: Local shop had a Geo 3.5 stolen

12 August 2014 - 08:19 PM

Possibly, but it's also coincidental that they'd just used Facebook to advertise the Geo 3.5 at 11:30 the morning of the theft.  Not sure how many people saw the picture, but they have around 6000 likes for their Facebook page. There have been times where I think Rob Staudinger has run the shop himself, though I don't know if he was working that Friday.

In Topic: Vanguard creed

12 August 2014 - 10:18 AM

Pros: Has a rear spoiler for downforce.



I've heard lots of people say they are great shooters with a nice LCD screen for it's time.  The big downside is going to be age - they were not unknown to have problems with their boards and solenoids.  If you've gotten one that's in good working condition you should be happy with it, but I'd likely want a demonstration and a look underneath the grips before finalizing the trade.

In Topic: I'm off to university, thanks for the good times!

10 August 2014 - 07:25 AM

And what is it you'll be studying?


Have fun - Uni is some of the best time of your life!

In Topic: pinokio vs scion

01 August 2014 - 12:57 PM

Scion is the more advanced of the two since it uses the same internals as the prophecy. So it has an anti-jam and a rip drive, but not the easy disassembly. The pinokio is more simple, but you can see through the shell to see how much paint you have, and it holds a ton of paint, even without the nose come, which it comes with for free.

The prophecy z2 is nice, the camo option is available on ans gear for the same as the pinokio. It has a smaller profile than the pinokio but it holds less paint. It will also, virtually never jam, or when it does it'll clear the jam before you even know.

The rotor is the down and dirty, you can get it used for the same price as a pinokio new. It's kind of the high end standard I guess, holds a decent amount, looks good and is supposedly the toughest. Although I've seen every hopper get shot and keep on kicking.

Scion is the most expensive, lowest profile, holds a bunch of paint, but is hard to find used and is still really expensive.

Yeah, this is a great start.  Other options in the range are the vmax 2 (not sure if you'd want one after having the first one), and the old prophecy v2 if you can find one used.


The vmax 2 will have equal paint capacity to what you've been used to and second only to the Pinokio (unless you're looking at a used Spire).  The feedrate is significantly improved but it still has the battery life issues (and two 9v requirement - I've heard it lasts longer but will still drain your batteries if left in while off).  The prophecy v2 is much like the z2 except at a discounted price.  Both will be easier to clean on the inside compared to the Scion.  That's the biggest downfall of the Scion in my mind - that accessing the walls and internals for cleaning and maintenance is more challenging than most other loaders at the same price.