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In Topic: What marker is this?!

29 July 2015 - 03:12 PM

It has the wrong regulator for a PMR8 - could be upgraded, but the PMR10 has one that looks just like the OP image as stock.  The cutout above HPR is clearly wrong for matching the PMR9.  But, it also appears that they did put the Dye UL grip in stock for the PMR9 and PMR10 (another upgrade for the PMR8).  I think the OP may have gone down the right path.  PMR8 is possible with upgrades, definitely not a PMR9, looks most like a PMR10.

In Topic: What marker is this?!

26 July 2015 - 11:29 AM

If it's a Rail, it would have to be one of the older ones.  Newer Rails have a badge that says Rail instead of the Proto symbol.  The cutout below the barrel isn't exaggerated enough to be a PM8, but I guess it could be a PM7 instead of a Rail.  I have a hard time telling those apart. Either way, I think it has an upgraded grip frame because of the Dye badge on the snatch grip.

In Topic: G.I. Sportz owns Empire/Kee action sports!

22 July 2015 - 03:07 PM

The only patent that matters expires next year.  It's also not a given that we'll see a bunch of new companies, nor that we'll necessarily see pricing in electronic markers go down, but it certainly does open the door for the possibility. Depending on the market and the size of the company, licensing fees are somewhere between trivial-yet-annoying to product shuttering. So let's have hope, but remain skeptical.

In Topic: G.I. Sportz owns Empire/Kee action sports!

21 July 2015 - 03:28 PM

It's hard to say what the ultimate fallout from this will be.  On the one hand, it will help to cut costs to match an industry that's shrunk 3 times over from ten years ago.  On the other hand, "cutting costs" will have its fair share come from people losing their jobs at both Kee and GI.  Just imagine that, from 3 years ago, four of the top companies in paintball (Tippmann, Kee, Kingman, and GI) will now be one company.  A fifth, Dye, has been on shaky ground this year and been in a crunch for revenue.  None of that is the best news to hear today, but is not exactly the sky is falling, either.  Folks should probably worry more about paint consolidation - if you're not buying from Valken or the GI conglomerate, where are you buying paint now?

In Topic: Getting back at it

13 July 2015 - 07:04 PM

The "big three" loaders right now are really two:  The Virtue Spire and Pinokio Speed.  I think some players still like the classic Rotor and it's reasonably good, but have not heard any feedback yet on the brand new Rotor 2.


Ninja Tanks are still great tanks.  They've changed the pro from a pin check valve to a spring ball check valve.  Everything from the past is better, except the now higher prices.


Eh, I find most of the dow 33 lubes to be equivalent.  I honestly can't remember if the Vice was one of the Bob Long markers that requires both Dow 33 and Dow 55 grade lubes - I'll defer to someone else to weigh in on that part.


Good luck coming back to the game - I hope you get a good start back into getting lots of kills! :)