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In Topic: Need a new gun.

25 November 2014 - 02:13 PM

I just don't understand that.  Nearly everyone I know loves the Axe trigger, and I personally put it in my top 3 of favorite triggers all time (1. DM14, 2. Axe, 3. Resurrection).  On the other hand, I really don't like the eXTCy trigger or the marker itself much at all.  And dear lord, the Proto Rail is nearly as bad.  I know there's an element of preference to triggers, but the Axe is notable for being across the board well liked by most players.

In Topic: Kevin

25 November 2014 - 01:46 PM

Explanation, in the off-topic forum?  Best to just get out while there's still time.  Shenanigans are coming.

In Topic: New to paintball again

24 November 2014 - 01:08 PM

Both of Planet Eclipse's high-end models have started to transform the nature of the old "Spool vs. Poppet" argument.  The poppet model, EGO LV1, has a larger expansion chamber and lever-opening valve to give it a smoother and quieter shot at the level of many spools.  On the other hand, the Geo 3.5 and particularly the IV core provided a notable increase in efficiency for a spool valve while maintaining it's regular characteristics.  Each one is "stupid gentle" on paint.


You probably missed the coming of the Spire loader, which is a popular choice that rivals the Dye Rotor.  Bunches of other loaders were released, but the Spire seems to be the only one that has sustained popularity in the minds of online forum commentators.  Other new loaders included the somewhat appreciated VMax2, Pico, Pinokio Speed, and Scion as well as the widely panned Pulse RDR and Gear loaders.


A couple of new masks came into the market as well in the Virtue Vio/Vio Contour and HKArmy KLR.  Both bring a pretty cool look and loads of modularity to their designs.  I've generally heard a lot more people being happier with their Vio Contours but I can't shake my desire to look like a Cylon in a black KLR mask.


Otherwise, the only notable item was a general sense of corporate contraction.  Kee purchased Kingman/Spyder while GI Sportz purchased Tippmann.

In Topic: Updated Field Comparison for Charlotte, NC

23 November 2014 - 07:59 PM

FPS Limits by field:


1. Palmetto Hills: 280 fps, checked by a ref at entry

2. Glory Road: 300 fps, honor system

3. Behind Enemy Lines: Unknown

4. Mighty Sports Center: 300 fps

5. Boss Paintball: 280 fps, honor system with periodic spot checks in the field

6. Paintball Central: 300 fps, honor system

7. Paintball Paradyes: 300 fps, spot checks in the field

8. Paintball Kingdom: 280 fps, checked by a ref at entry

In Topic: my budget is 600$ anything you suggest i change

12 November 2014 - 02:29 PM

Predator's recommendations are very good.  I'll just add a few items -


1. The GOG eNMEy's firing vibration (i.e., smoothness) is too soft to make use of the Proto Primo.  You need a marker with a bit of a kick still to have the paintballs drop off the shelf and into the feed tube.  I can't get it to feed more than a shot or two when I use a Primo with another spool mech in the Crossover.  The Primo works great in my Azodin Kaos-D, however.

2. Proto Fighter harnesses are fantastic - they're one of my favorites in the price range.  That said, most places I see them you can get a 4+5 for $39 and a 3+4 for $34.  That's $10-15 cheaper than what ANSgear is quoting to you.

3. I'm not sure a duffel bag is necessarily want you want.  The idea behind the duffle bag would be to carry all of your paintball equipment in a single bag.  In practice, I find that the small components I want separated (barrel inserts, lube, keys, etc.) jostle around too much.  I do better with just a small gun bag like a Planet Eclipse and wear or carry the rest of my larger gear.

4. You didn't add a paintball caddy to your cart.  I consider this a must-buy for most players.  It makes loading your marker and pods so much easier!

5. Some people like butt covers for tanks, some people don't.  Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the Dye Rhino full covers and the Sly covers if you can find them.  If you really want a butt cover, I think you have more choice options from Exalt, and they may be price competitive.

6. If price is a factor, I would take out everything from your purchase except: Marker, Tank, Loader, Mask, and Caddy (MTLMC).  If you have a little money left over, next thing to add is the Harness and pods.  Next purchase after that would be volleyball knee pads and Planet Eclipse, Dye, or Exalt elbow pads.  But get the best gear you can afford in the MTLMC first.  The other stuff you don't need on day one just to go have fun.  It looks like you'd probably save around $200 by tossing everything but MTLMC.

7. Seriously consider buying used for just about everything.  This can cut hundreds of dollars off your expense.  Buying from Trademygun, Swapmytank, and YourPBfriend are more reliable ways to buy used equipment that has less risk than buying from an unknown 3rd party.  The tradeoff is that you may not get the absolute cheapest prices - just cheaper than new.


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