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Today, 11:27 AM

Here are a few examples:


Custom milled mag for $800 with mask, tank, and hopper.  http://www.automags....ed-to-sell-LOOK


ULE Mag for $380.  http://www.automags....E-RT-Automag-FS


Joker Automag for $800.  http://www.automags....-LVL-10-x-valve


A pair of centerfeed ULE's at not too bad a price - $360 and $315.  http://www.automags....mag-RT-Pro-ULEs


I'll amend to say the range on mags is closer to $350 to 800 rather than $500 to 1000.


EDIT:  And a few more, since I skewed myself low a bit with two of my links:


Karta mag for $800.  http://www.automags....-for-sale-trade


ULE Y-grip for $565.  http://www.automags....-X-Valve-4_Sale


black ULE for $550.  http://www.automags....3-black-ULE-mag


Pneumag for $660.  http://www.automags....*Updated-Price*

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Today, 08:32 AM

The thing is, a quality centerfeed automag can run anywhere from $500 to $1000.  You can get a Crossover XVR for $429.  Depending on the configuration, the Crossover will likely be lighter than the Automag.  And it has an active warranty.  The Crossover wins all of the tradeoffs unless one of your conditions is "Must own an automag".


The Ice Epic is kind of a neat gun, but from what I've seen of the layout and function drawings, it will be absolutely brutal on feeding paint (slams a trapdoor shut to close the chamber, potentially chopping the next paintball).  Personally, I'm not a fan of pumps.  In my mind, at mech you have two modern choices (Crossover and eNMEy) and two classic styles that branch into multiple choices (Mag and Cocker).  Both the mag and cocker are trumped by modern engineered design, and of the modern choices, the Crossover is more robust, more efficient, and easier to stream paint with.  If you like Mechs, you'll love the Crossover.

In Topic: New Valken "Identify" Mask

24 September 2014 - 09:00 AM

Say goodnight to the Profit.  I wouldn't mind if Valken would start making Front Player and Back Player pads off the Sly designs, too.

In Topic: Exalt Carbon Case - Lens Case

18 September 2014 - 09:19 AM

This is kind of a cool idea.  I don't tend to own more than one lens at a time, but that's partly because I don't have a good way of saving and storing the one not in use.  It's kind of a luxury, but I could see buying one of these to store a backup amber or smoke lens depending on the day of play.

In Topic: Planet Eclipse releases their 2014/2015 Soft goods

18 September 2014 - 09:02 AM

My main concern with the PE pads I had before is that since I have skinny arms the pads were slightly too short but the upper arm elastic wasnt tight enough. So every time Id bend my elbow it would pull the pads down slightly pas my elbow. Is it more snug on these or do they fit slightly longer?

I've had this same issue with the old PE pads as well.  I'd suspect that won't change looking at how they've built the new pads, but I'd love to know the answer, too.