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What Paint are YOU using in 2016?

25 January 2016 - 08:35 PM

I've noticed that a number of the local fields have stopped allowing players to bring their own paint, while simultaneously cutting down on the number of paint options available to players (most fields now only offer a single paint variety of lower-tier quality).  There is one field that uses Valken in 3 grades (Infinity, Fate, and Graffiti); there are two fields that sell an Empire basic field grade paint but also allow BYOP; and then pretty much all of the rest of the fields are using either XO Spectrum or Empire Heat (which are pretty close to being the same paint with a different name - green shell with yellow fill, rubber-like with lots of bounces).  There's a simultaneous spike in prices, with that cheap rec field paint going up in price by 10-20 bucks a box in just a few months time. I see this having a huge negative effect on games lately, with especially newer players frustrated that their paint curves excessively and bounces even when they do hit.  I'm ready to start doing more online buying of paint to bring to BYOP fields, but I don't even see many options I like there.


If I look at Amazon, there's a very small number of choices of fresh paint available from a mass distributor - mostly a couple of Valken labels and a couple of Empire but not most of the other batches that fall under the GI umbrella.


What are you getting for paint?  If it's field grade basic paint, I mostly don't care, but is anyone out there still getting to use RPS Premium or Marballizers at their local field? What about DXS Bronze? Most especially, are you happy with the paint you're getting?