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He stole my laundry money

22 September 2013 - 09:48 AM

I let my little brother use my shower and relax in my home yesterday.

As I prepare to do laundry today I noticed that all of my f'ing quarters are gone.


Damn him.

Paintball the missing stress reliever.

22 August 2013 - 08:27 PM


Well I love my little brother and we had a tough childhood growing up. So we both know what it feels like to  have your parents or people depend on to treat you like shit. I stopped staying with our family at 14 and sometime he went to stay wit his dad. Eventually his dad kicked him outOur aunt that we stayed with most eventually kicked him out, after many disputes with our baby brother. Nobody in our family would take him in. Eventually our eldest brother called me and "You know your brother has been living on the streets for the last two weeks." Remembering the tough times growing up, I found him and brought him back to my place.




In my 1 bedroom apartment he has had more people in it then f'ing thought possible. When I wake up for  work there would be some asshole sleeping on my sofa. When I get home from from there 3-4 assholes on my porch and in my home. These damn people spend more time in my apartment then I do and my name is the only name on the lease. My brother has bought a shotgun and 2 pistols but never put money towards rent. The only person that washes dishes in my house is me and 1 of his friends.(This friend has moved Florida so it's just me now.) His friends show me more respect then he do.Although they fear me more then he does because I love my little brother not them. Also I have sword collection and know how to use them. When food or something is missing or broken I suspect his friends before him, then I find out it was him and the friends were the ones that saved me food.... :wacko: 


Reason for the Rant:

My brother was supposed to move out by January 2013 but that did not happen.

When I returned from the Tombstone event I told him that he had to move out by his birthday of August 7th but that did not happen. He is now 21 years old, staying with his 23 year old brother.


:angry: I just got home from work and noticed that my rent money for next month is missing.

I am hoping that he either:

A) Hid it so friends wouldn't steal it.

B) Took it to the rent office and paid my rent.

C) Some kind of fucking, magical, rational surprise that required him to move it off the table

D) Give me a list of everyone who had my place and where they stay at so I can collect my money one way or another


If he says he doesn't know, then I don't know where he is going to stay the next day. Although I hope I am wrong and overeating. Everyone told me not trust him but I did and I trusted him not screw me over. I love my little brother but he's fucking with my way of life. 


Go Pro Centered Mask Mounting

20 August 2013 - 09:30 PM

Hello, I am interested in purchasing Jaz Stand - Go Pro Brow mount but not sure if it will mount to my Profits?


Does anyone have a clue if it will or will not?


I know of a DIY method for this and I seen how the mount works with an I4 from Alabaster Slim's blog but I am running into difficulty finding it for Profits.


Any help?


Edit: 404 is my area code.

1 Year Paintball anniversary

22 June 2013 - 09:50 PM

Ok So it has officially been 1 year since I started playing recreational paintball.

Lessons learned:
Preference is everything.
Try it before you buy it.

Markers purchased in order.
- DP E1 (new)
- JT Outkast (new)
- DP Rev-I (used)

Loaders purchased in order.
- Halo Too
- V-max
- Spire

Masks Purchased
- Used Grillz(white)
- Sly Profit (black)
The reason I mentioned color here is because people have told me the only reason they saw me was because my mask was white.
Also I wanted to try to do some color coordination but failed.

- Angel Knee Pads
- Smart part elbow pads
I stopped playing til I bought the knee pads because a cut appeared on my elbow pads.
Actually it's time to replace them just deciding if it's worth the money to go more expensive.

I had a great time and got to cut a few things from my paintball bucket list. Specifically, meet Mike and play Living Legends also goto CPX. Problem here is I was running missions with Citrus Connection so much I didn't get to explorer everything like I was hoping. Also I joined a paintball team, Citrus Militia. I played with/against Mr. H a few times.

I was finally able to legitimately leave Georgia and use some of my stacked vacation time because of paintball. Met a lot of great people and my local field has some of the greatest, weirdest, funniest, group of people I have ever met. Although that is just about everyone I meet through the sport. I even had a few job opportunities in the iT industry. Still having a hard time figuring out why so many IT people play paintball.

Notable Stories:
I dropped the bolt to my Rev-I at CPX sports chrono range during LL6... The valken booth saved my butt by offering a wire close hanger to retrieve it. I returned the favor by purchasing a sandana that travels with me every time I go to a field.

So far I have only played at Classic Paintball, CPX Sports, Dosser Works(home/favorite field) Hot Shots paintball.

There is so much more I want to say, like how I spent my first month hunting down a Smart Parts Vibe. Although this is to much already, so here is to another year and more stories/shens to be had.


WTB Spire & Epic

08 June 2013 - 05:12 PM


These are the following items I currently looking for

Orange/Black spire shell

Hi Cap black spire shell

HK epic speed feed for rotor (modded for spire use as well)

Smart Parts anime barrel bags

Orange/Black tank covers

White/Black tank covers

Sly profit goggle stickers