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.50 Caliber Advancer With Gear

03 June 2013 - 05:36 PM

Kingman Spyder .50 Caliber Advancer Electronic Marker

Marker: Kingman Spyder .50 Caliber Advancer Electronic Marker
Condition: 9.5/10
Color: grey / black
Upgrades: Electric hopper
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: 120.00 + 10.00 shipped. USA Only Pretty firm ( gun alown is $120.00 new, hopper 45.00 new, Pods 5.00 each, Paint 30.00 )
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: None, money only
Location of item: Derry NH
What is Included:
Marker, Rapid E-Loader Hopper, 1000 paintballs ( some used for test video ) 3 x 50 cal hoppers. original gravity hopper. tools and o rings spare parts bag.

One of my guns im sad to sell but it collect dust more then played. only used a few times. cleaned and oil each time. used it 2 weeks ago and everything works perfect. need pictures please ask. want test video please ask.

Test video was hard to do one handed. I show that the safty works. the eyes work both in the start when the hopper is turned on and when i turn it off when i run out of balls. sorry the safty is hard to turn off while holding a camera lol other then that works 100%

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Smart Parts SP1 Settings Issue...

26 April 2013 - 11:01 AM

Hey guys, my backup gun is a SP1. Ive always used HPA on it but my group only really plays Big games every year ( around 8 big games a year here ) and im thinking about using it with Co2. I cant remember how to change the settings to Co2. Odly i cant find a youtube review or much online lol if you know the gun well and know where i can Download a manuel with settings let me know. i already downlaoded a few but they where no help.
Can anyone give me a hand?
Old SP1
no black heart

please dont post about how bad Co2 is... im using a remote line and the tank is stand straight up on my back. I wont point the gun down... ETC
The point is the big games here go for 3 hours per game 3 per day. I want long life and a sh*t ton of paint to shot.


Tippmann model 98 with E-BOLT Flatline Quick Feed Neck and more...

09 January 2013 - 10:12 AM

Hey Guys, im not as new to techpb as it says, lost my account awhile back with many other people. Ive sold over 16 paintball guns on ebay and was attempting to try one of the paintball sites im on. If not sold to ebay it goes...

Looking to sell ASAP and ship ASAP. Any questions please ask. Need more pictures please ask.
I am attempting to get HPA from my new tank but no one in the area who normal sells it is open due to the snow... I made a video showing the internals so you can hear it works. Last time i fired it it worked perfect. This is a as is item. The last one i saw sold went for 185.00 just the gun. please make real offers. Worst i can say is no.

i am willing to part items out after a few days if the whole thing doesnt sell.

And basic feed neck and smart parts barrel SOLD SOLD SOLD

Marker: Tippmann model 98 Custom
Condition: 8/10
Color: black
Upgrades: E-bolt
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: 225.00 OBO
Shipping Options: You pick.. USPS... UPS.... Fed Ex
Trades of interest: Nothing paintball
Location of item: Derry NH 03038
What is Included:

Tippmann model 98
-E-bolt ( comes with e trigger bolt all parts needed to go full auto )

- Flateline Barrel barrel
- Basic 12" Barrel
- 16" Mirror finish barrel
- Pro Feed neck ( Faster and has a stopper )
- Old HPA Tank. No idea the date. ( If you dont want it let me know )
- Basic Feed neck
- 2 x o ring rebuild kits
- Basic Hopper
- old basic mask if wanted..

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Tippmann 98 e-bolt!

03 January 2013 - 03:21 PM

Hey guys. I finaly found my old tippmann from back in the day. It has a working e bolt on it! It's been so long that I can't even remeber much on it.

Should I bring it back to life to play another game or just sell it off?

Anyone know the specs on the bolt... Speed etc. Or even if it may be worth selling off for what price?

What it has!
E bolt. Old style flatline that's directly mounted. Asa on/off. Instant feed neck elbow. It used to dominate the woods!

empire barrel kit!@!@!@!

25 November 2012 - 10:18 AM

Hey guys I have a empire 8 piece barrel kit. I want to add a apex tip that fits to the backs.... What front will work! I can only find the newer freak kits but I tried my freak front and it doesn't fit...
Any help is needed