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In Topic: Problems Gassing Up My Gun

Yesterday, 01:55 AM

Yeah that seems like the most likely cause. Put on a new tank oring and see what happens.

In Topic: Fuckin spanish

Yesterday, 01:51 AM

That's what i'm hoping :P just about to finish the first semester in my CS program.

In Topic: Fuckin spanish

16 December 2014 - 12:20 PM


Want to start a band, and if it doesn't work I have a good bit of local jobs I can fall back on.

Bigx, I have to regardless if I want to go to college or not. There's not any other real choices for an alternate class. Either I take it this year and next year or next year and my senior year.

I mean if you want to work retail forever that sounds like a great plan.


There is flipping burgers too you know... :P

In Topic: Etek 2 Won't shoot above 8 bps with eyes on.

16 December 2014 - 01:14 AM

Depends on if they are in fact new or not, which he did not specify.

In Topic: Etek 2 Won't shoot above 8 bps with eyes on.

15 December 2014 - 06:00 PM

Give the eyes a good cleaning and reset the board, then report back.