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In Topic: Sly Profit Visor?

Today, 10:33 AM

I've been using the Profits for a couple of years now and they do fog quite often. Mostly because of poor ventilation in the mouth area, since that hot air has no where to go it rises up to the lens area. 

In Topic: Private school dances

Today, 09:19 AM

Best electro sub-genre coming through.


In Topic: What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

Yesterday, 12:56 PM

But then Harry woke up under the staircase.

In Topic: So I Like A Girl

Yesterday, 10:34 AM

On a more serious note though. The first things you need to realize is that girls are humans just like you. They are not sweet angels sent from the heavens to be worshiped. A relationship is a two way street, a give and receive situation were no party should have to submit to the other (unless you are into that ;)). 


Be yourself, and nothing else. I know i'd hate myself if i had to pretend to be someone i'm not when i'm with my girlfriend. Likewise, i expect nothing more from her. She has plenty of weird personality quirks that you can consider weird. But that's completely fine. Once a relationship gets to the "i like you and you like me and we are totally comfortable with that" stage it's the best. At first it can be a little weird. But once the initial tension dies down you can just hang out, like you would with any other friend, but with some..... benefits, it's totally the best thing.... Okay maybe the second best thing after paintball. 

In Topic: What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

In an alternate universe? and I am home, so HA!

In a multiverse. Checkmate atheists.