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This is just a bowl of pinecones.....

30 October 2014 - 09:57 PM

You know those times where you really have to sleep, but you can't for whatever reason? Yeah, that's happening to me right now..... I have a presentation due in five hours and i haven't gotten a second of sleep. And after trying to sleep for four hours i decided that fuck this shit i might as well do something productive. So now i'm programming, at 03.57 am. 



Youtube rolls out 60fps and it looks amazing!

30 October 2014 - 09:50 PM



You have to play it in 720p or 1080p to get 60fps, and it only works on chrome for the moment. 

I'm off to university, thanks for the good times!

08 August 2014 - 07:30 PM

In about a week I'll move to Stockholm and start studying at The Royal Institute of Technology. And i'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone for all the advice, the laughs and all the shenanigans that i've experienced during my time here. I'll be taking a break from paintball since i'm won't be able to afford to play while studying (Gonna be living off 1300 dollars a month, most of which will be spent on rent, books, food and so on.)


While i will surely be visiting every once in while i'm not sure how much time i'll spend here. Even now i've noticed i've been visiting the forum less and less and i don't think that is going to change.   


So thanks to Mike, Willie, Wookie, Orange and all the other staff members and users for making my time here enjoyable!



A tribute to Paintball

19 June 2014 - 04:27 PM

So there was this commercial going around about the sports associations in Sweden. It had a somewhat heartfelt commentary about the great things playing a sport in sweden. Someone decided to make a version about paintball. I'll translate it for you all so you can appreciate it too. Because i sure did. 


Here is the video in case someone actually understand swedish:



A tribute to Paintball


"In our sport there are no sold out arenas.

There are no post-victory interviews.

There are no tears on the bleachers.

But the emotions are the same. 

In our sport, there are no moments that are captured on stamps.

But our hearts beat just as fast.

They won't raise any statues of us.

But what we do is written in stone.

To us, it is everything, nothing else. 

This is our home field, this is our time, this is our sport"

Carolus Rex's Workout log

25 May 2014 - 08:32 AM

Hey everyone! I thought that i should make a little workout log for the coming weeks, in the middle of July 'll be off to something that we swedes call GMU (grundlig militärutbildning = basic military training) and to prepare i've with the help of a friend set up an exercise schedule to prepare for the 11 weeks in hell. But of course this will also help me step up my paintball game  ;)


Exercising in this way is a first for me, and I'm generally a lazy guy so this will defiantly be a huge challenge. Here are my measurements as of the 25th of May:


Height: 183cm/6 feet

Weight: 100kg/220 lbs


I've been able to lose weight before no problem with strict diet. I managed to go down to 176 from 220 just by dieting, but of course, winter has taken it's toll and i've regained all those pounds. But i have no one else but myself to blame. As i stated before i'm a noob in this area so i won't do anything fancy in terms of dieting. Toss out all the unhealthy snacks and the occasional soda i drink, and i think i'll be all set.


My friend who is versed in this kind of thing helped me setup a schedule for a month, which will then be repeated at the beginning of the next month. He used a guide made by the Swedish military. There are three different levels of intensity. The goal is to reach level 3 by middle of July. But i will take it easy to get a feel for my capabilities and limits. 


Also, some of this shit might be lost in translation since i don't know what everything is called in english.


Week 1: 




10 minute warm up


Deadlifts 3x12 (minor load)

Dips 3x10

Back ups 3x20

Rotational drag 3x10

Push ups 3xMax

diagonal lift on the floor 3x10




30 minutes cycling








Running 20 min








Squats 3x15

Step ups 3x15

Pelvic lift 3x12

Heel raises 3x20

Sit ups 3x12

The plank (?) 2x1 min Here is a video a hot swedish girl demonstrating: 


The plank on the side 2x1 min


5-10km marching







That's week number one, starting tomorrow. I'll update you guys on Sunday to let you know how it all went.