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In Topic: MacDev Clone GTi vs. Empire Vanquish vs. Geo 3 vs. Luxe 1.5/2.0!

17 March 2014 - 11:43 AM

Geo 3 is a joke. It'd be more monetarily efficient to go for a drone DX and and get literally everything the Geo 3 can ever offer for below half the cost ($425~DX, $525 if you want the OLED Drone vs $1300~GEO 3)

The empire vanquish is just a really ugly and bad luxe clone. It's just not worth the hassle or trouble to get a shoddy clone over a legit Luxe.


Your decision is basically just the Clone GTi against a Luxe.

At that point it's just personal preference.

Both markers are extremely equivalent in all aspects give or take a few values in some spots.


And in-case you've heard any shitty rumors about either gun, It's bullshit.

Clone is not complex in any shape way or form. Yes it has 20 something orings but they aren't weird sizes and only like 4 actually matter in the slightest.


Luxe does not have cold weather problems as long as you properly maintain it. I'm tired of people giving the luxe any complaints when it comes to the winter. Out of sheer spite for this type of complaint, I only bring my luxe out in winter/huge snow storms.


Every marker I've worked on with those types of complaints, was 99% user error or 0.5% orings or 0.5% battery problems; That includes luxes.



TL;DR It's really just a question of Clone GTi vs Luxe and they are both equivalent markers.

In Topic: Extcy Leaking from relief vent

17 March 2014 - 03:07 AM


Ok I turned it all the way and started by half turns firing 3-4 per turn. No good, literally a full turn from no pressure and its leaking constant.



Yeah something is badly wrong with the piston/relief piston orings then.

It's easy enough to fix though if you have snap ring pliers.

In Topic: Extcy Leaking from relief vent

16 March 2014 - 07:14 PM

The reg pressure may be too high.


Pretty much this.

Unless under the rare case of which the o rings on the relief valve piston are damaged.

Which judging by what you're saying, Is the most likely at this point.

I'd say ship it to my store but that'd be pointless since it's easy enough.

You're also not going to void your warranty by going into the regulator; GoG isn't KEE, just in-case you're worried after instruction.


For a full breakdown on the regulator and relief valve you're going to need tiny snap ring pliers and an even smaller set of snap ring pliers.


The o rings you'll need to worry about are the ones on the valve piston it self or the piston for the central regulator. I don't have the o ring chart for those on me ATM, But you should have all the spares needed in the spares bag to do a single rebuild.


There will be Three parts to the regulator that you should focus on, A pencil eraser looking object, Check this for any cratering as this can cause a myriad of problems.

Then the regulator piston and spring, Spring takes care of it self, So check the large oring on top of the piston. If it looks even a little funky, Replace that oring.


Lastly the actual relief valve, I didn't get around to taking this part apart exactly (people kept stealing the pliers at the class so there were none for everyone else to use) But it should effectively look like a smaller piston when it's apart.


Inspect all the orings on that for any damage or wear and replace as needed. That should fix the problem.



As for the deal with ANS, That's pretty much how it'd be with any other retailer for paintball. Due to the nature of the sport, Returns on markers are rarely accepted if they had air in them (from what I see/understand/personally do). Versus other things are happily accepted as returns within a reasonable time frame anyway.

+They are right in that it's a GoG problem, not theirs (after you put air into it anyway)

In Topic: Speedball Gun Under $500?

03 March 2014 - 08:42 PM

How bad is the trigger for the drone dx?


Not even a factor.

I'll never get why people say 'X trigger is bad' or 'X trigger is awesome'.

If you have the time to be focusing on how a trigger feels compared to another while playing paintball, You're not playing paintball right. All it is; is just a lever to push on a tiny button for you, it's not like a foregrip or anything where your hand is on that 24/7, your finger should really only ever be on the trigger when you're actually firing, and as I mentioned previously, Noone should have the time to go in their head 'Oh well this trigger is nice, But the XXX is a little off' while playing.


Though if triggers seriously matter, The ETEK trigger feels slow and clunky, versus a drone which feels short and crisp.

And just so it's fair, ETEK Grips are nice and thick with the drone being a dead ringer for the clone gt's grips. (Thin and hard, but clearly durable feeling)

In Topic: Speedball Gun Under $500?

02 March 2014 - 09:53 PM

Between an ETEK and a Drone it's really a question of do you want to go prematurely deaf (yes they are that loud, no i don't care what anyone else says, shot it and felt like i was going deaf.) or not.


Both have a nice case, Parts, Lube, Easy to maintain, Efficient, Two Piece Barrel, Company, 'Bigger Brother'.


Wait no. Also the Etek if you're saving money, you're not getting a full metal vs the drone dx which is 100% metal (outside of eyecovers/grips obviously) But that's absolute preference still.