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In Topic: best lube for spoolie

16 September 2014 - 11:48 PM

So I'm a marketer for GoG exclusively selling the eNMEy's and have also been a solid owner of the eNMEy since it came out. From what I found with most markers, including the eNMEy, that it's normally a GOOD idea to wipe off the factory lube not because it's bad or anything, but because you dont know how long that lube has been in there, and it's nice to know that you have a fresh batch of lube in your marker.

GoG recommends GR33SE, or Sl33k lubricant for your markers. It's Dow33, so if you cant get those, then your next best bet is any other Dow 33 based lube. I have also found Lurker Lube to be also pretty good as well, especially since it is clear. It's not dow33, but it has the sleekness and consistency of it, and is made to work on markers.

In Topic: Questions about old a5

28 August 2014 - 12:34 PM

^^exactly bigx

GOG eNMEy with a deadlywinds null and my Ninja SL 68/4500. If I had a primo I'd put that on it too, but I'm using my Z2 loader instead.

In Topic: Questions about old a5

27 August 2014 - 12:21 AM

None just get better paint, the mods wont do too much for the marker, and you'd be spending a lot for minimal change.

In Topic: A5 v Gog eNMEy

24 August 2014 - 09:26 AM

As long as you lube your eNMEy after a weekend of play (super easy, my 7 year old brother did it no problem the first time I explained how to do it), then the eNMEy will keep on doing great.
Other than that, the eNMEy is vastly superior from a preformance standpoint. It comes with a regulator, which makes for better shot-to-shot consistancy. It is significantly smoother shooting and quieter than the A5. The trigger pull is only one pound, whereas the A5 is around 5 pounds, so you can shoot it much faster. The eNMEy won't chop paint if you shoot fast, and can handle even the high end brittle paint. Bolt removal (for maintainence) is basically tool-less and will take you 10 seconds to remove the entire drive train.

In Topic: Beginner woodsball / rec-ball gun.

23 August 2014 - 02:57 PM

A 10 as well. Unless you decide to blatantly mistreat and shoot your marker with a real gun, durability for all markers is just ababout equal and meets your durability requirements for weekend paintball.