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etek 4 or used ego 09

16 September 2012 - 11:33 PM

I know this has probably been asked many times but Im going to ask anyway and here is why. I am currently shooting an 08 SLG and its been a good gun but im looking to go a step up. Im not really sure which way to go. I have found several 09 egos in great condition for about $500, which is about what an etek 4 retails for. At that point you may say get the ego if its the same price but for me thats not the case. If I was to get the etek I would be getting it from my local field/shop because they sell all guns and other stuff minus paint just slightly above cost. For example, the ethas sell for $395 just about everywhere, here the guy sells them for $350 and he has even told me before that if paid in cash he can make it an even better deal. So with that I figure I could probably get and etek 4 for around $450, give or take, which is why I am torn between the two. So what I want to know is what your opinion is and which way do you think is a better deal. Also I am very set on PE because the guy is a PE dealer and tech so if I ever need anything I have somewhere close to get what ever I need and at a good price too.