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In Topic: Mask

27 November 2012 - 10:45 PM

Hey everyone, I'm new to paintball and I'm wondering what mask to get. Also I don't have a ton of money. Thanks in advance.

My friend uses a Profiler. He says it's a very good mask. At it's price, $25 cheaper than most masks.. If you have abit of a bigger head, I'd actually just tool around on ANSgear all the time. They have Daily Sales and you could really get a good deal on a mask there.

I personally have used the E-Vent and the Profit. I enjoy both. I love my Profit to death, but the Profiler is a good Budget Baller mask.

In Topic: Pant Sizing

27 November 2012 - 09:29 PM

It depends on what pants you are going for. I mean, at your age.. You'd be growing relatively quick. So I'd go with the Smalls. Most pants have Velcro Waistbands, and Velcro Ankle wraps. It's always kinda nice to have baggy pants too. But, I normally buy a size up of what I wear in normal clothes.

In Topic: correct way to hold paintball gun?

27 November 2012 - 09:24 PM

I am around 5 feet, 14 years old, and haven't gone through a growth spurt yet. This means that i will still grow taller (my parents aren't short). In most videos i have seen, the person puts the back of the tank around their shoulder/ armpit/ collar bone area. I plan on purchasing the ninja 68 4500 which is the same length as my current 48 3000 so i can use the 48 3000 to help me decide if the 68 4500 is too long or not. The 48 3000 feels long when i put the butt of the tank against my shoulder but if i "cradle" it, it feels good. However, i have never seen any player "cradle" their tank in their elbow. Why is this? If i get the 68 4500, i will eventually grow longer arms(hopefully in the next year or two) so that i will be able to put it against my shoulder. Would cradling be so unacceptable that i should just get a 50 4500 instead? I would honestly prefer the 68 4500 due to the fact of the greater capacity and me eventually growing longer arms.

I'm 5'11" and I use a 68/4500 tank. The thing I normally do to put myself at an advantage.. Is make sure the tank is tucked tight into your shoulder. I am Right handed, so I generally grab the foregrip with my left hand and get a good feel on. You should be able to tuck your elbow into your side, with your Tank against your shoulder. And it should be comfortable. I do switch my hand a few times too, weather I'm shooting lefty or righty. It gets the muscle memory in of where I should tuck the tank every time I am switching hands.

Sounded kinda confusing to say. Hope it's helpful.

In Topic: Any good fields that anyone would recommend

27 November 2012 - 08:36 PM

Lonewolf East is located inside the Gibralter Trade Center(Mt. Clements). Really nice staff, it's my home field. Though- the paint they use is not the best. It's still good. They sometimes offer Marballizer. They have tournaments there like once a year. That's abit sad. I wish they offered more. They also have a second field in Metamora which is a larger Woodsball Field. It has a lot of scenario games if I recall.

Then there is Hell Survivors. Hell Survivors always has Airbunkers up. As Lone Wolf almost never has theirs up. They have tons of large scale Scenario Games year-round. And plenty of tournaments from what I hear. Even better, the Retail Store is literally walking distance from the field. Though, the downside is that it's located kinda far from my house. It's located in Pincney.

Both fields are very nice. Hell Survivors does have very nice scenery. While Lone Wolf East is located in a not so GREAT area. But- Lone Wolf is looking to expand it's business to adding an Indoor Airball field in Taylor.



In Topic: Dye Rotor vs Prophecy Z2

05 November 2012 - 04:53 PM

Personally, I've used a Rotor, but not a Z-2. I love my Pinokio way over my Rotor. I would take it to the grave. It's so nice. Never had a jam, or a break in my hopper. Not to mention the battery life is amazing on it, using 2 9Volts. I also enjoy that it is able to use a halo speed feed. The Pinokio Nose attachment is also nice for any woodsball or scenarios you may play. AND the price is cheaper!