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new to trades, need help.

24 May 2013 - 08:49 PM

im participating in a long distance trade with another member on the site and am going to ship first, but im confused on what i need to do to get going, and how to ship my marker. i read all the rules, but im still confused. can any mods help me here?

up'd 2k4 pro stock pump

06 May 2013 - 02:59 PM

Marker: 2k4 prostock pump with ups
color: black
upgrades: ccm pump return spring, shocktech supafly bolt, wgp 18" kaner barrel, wgp black slider frame, smartparts on/off asa, rebuildable detents.

known problems: the rebuildible detent is missing the steel ball, (it shipped to me like this from paintball gateway.com and ive played with it like this for 2 years and its never been a problem... i only list it so there's no surprises. you can rebuild it for very cheap if its that much of a bother to you though. paintball gateway has the kit.)

asking price: 200OBO
shipping: what ever you pay for (U.S. only, sorry)
trades: CASH, enmey's, other pumps, tipx's
location: sacramento, California
included: marker and 18 in kaner barrel (690) i believe), but tape modded for under bore. and stock 12 in. wgp barrel (black)

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any questions please ask

gog eXTCy vs 2010 pmr?

21 March 2013 - 03:16 AM

ive always played pump and teched/serviced pump and mech guns... i am by no means an expert, but im no noob to the game... and i dont know much about electric guns,but iv got friends who want me to play on their team... so its time to buy an electro gun... my two choices are either a new GoG eXTCy about $250 i beleive. or i can buy my friends fully working, and in good condition 2010 Pmr with a dye ultralight barrel for $180..... which of these two should i buy? and why..... please dont suggest other guns, as im looking to only spend a max of 250 and these two guns are the easiest for me to procure because of local sales.... also most of my money goes to my pump gun and pump team, so i dont have any interest in super fancy high or mid ends..... just need something with a bit more firepower than my pump.
any help is appreciated and please provide reasons for your decisions