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In Topic: GOG EnMey vs Azodin Kaos

02 December 2012 - 01:23 PM

Save up some extra money to get a 2011 proto rail ($250), i know it seems to be kind of expensive but you will be much happier with an electronic marker than a mech one

i disagree though. as a beginner, he should try it out with a less expensive marker before making such a large investment

In Topic: GOG EnMey vs Azodin Kaos

30 November 2012 - 06:44 AM

eNEMy does have dual detents. Have no idea why but GoG didn't add eye covers to the Vibe body.

ah, thank you, i did not know this.

In Topic: GOG EnMey vs Azodin Kaos

28 November 2012 - 09:38 PM

To choose between the two, you need to break each marker down. I will put a star (*) on the better feature of each marker, to help you see which wins that "round"


--Twist-lock feedneck. Not the best, but not the worst.
--Delrin bolt* I am giving this the star, because you are newer to paintball, and this gun require no lubrication for you to have to worry about.
--Dual detents (these keep the ball from rolling out of the barrel)
--12 inch autococker barrel*. autococker is the standard threads, meaning if you decide to get a new barrel, and later on down the road to upgrade your gun, chances are you will be able to use that same after-market barrel you purchased.
--Non-regulated. non-regulated is just another way for the gun to be less consistent. regulated is always better.
--co2 or HPA.

Price, 89$ currently (as of november 2012)* cheaper than the GoG by about 40$.



-Lifetime warranty. Probably my favorite "feature" on this marker. You will never need to worry about 2-3 years down the road, the gun breaking, and you out of luck. you are covered forever.
-clamping feedneck.* this will secure your hopper on to the gun much better than the Twist-lock will.
-spool-valve design. I have never seen a mech-spool valve, but spool-vavles are a simple and reliable way to run your marker. much more efficient than the Kaos.*
-dual detents (Thanks to Hitman2513 for correcting this)
-anti-chop* this will allow the gun to bounce back from chopped balls. it will keep firing even when/if it breaks a ball, which probably wont happen. I have seen videos of people stick their fingers/tounges in the breech and no be hurt from the low-force the bolt provides. this a good thing.
-10 inch ion threaded barrel. basically, if you plan on buying another barrel, later on down the road, unless you plan on getting another GoG gun, you will need to buy a new barrel along with that gun as well if you so choose.
-able to upgrade.* the Kaos does not have any sort of upgrade to electronic later on down the road available; you will need to buy an entirely new gun. the eNEMy will have an option for this.
-co2 or HPA.* the reason this marker wins is because it has protection against c02 getting into the gun; the kaos does not.
-better body construction* the eNEMy is lighter and more durable than the kaos, but not by a huge amount.
-adjustable trigger* it is only slightly so, but it still adds to it. the trigger is also amazingly light and easy to pull. definite win for the trigger here.

Price- released at 129$ (as of november 2012).


So, it comes down. they both beat each other in some areas, but undoubtelty the eNEMy does come out on top. for an extra 40 bucks, you will get more features and an all around better gun. they are both fantastic markers from what I have seen, and you will not go wrong with either, so just use what i've written here to help your decision. hope this helped!