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2012 Alien Invasion FST BRING TRADES

04 April 2014 - 09:05 AM

Here I have my 2012 Alien Invasion up for grabs. It has been shot 3-4 times, and has never seen a game. This gun is in great condition, and comes with everything pictured.
Marker: 2012 Alien Independance
Condition: 9/10
Color: Black On Purple
Upgrades: Does come with a full barrel kit
Known Problems: Has a weird leak issue, in the process of fixing it. It is a very simple fix, I just need air to do it and I must drive 45 minutes to get it.
Asking Price:450 looking for trades
Shipping Options:usps flat rate
Trades of interest: Dm's, nt's, g6r's, ego's, geos. Offer!
Location of item: Vermont (The 45 min drive for air makes a bit more sense now, huh?)
What is Included: Gun, gat wrap, full barrel kit, spares.



2012 Alien Invasion leak

13 March 2014 - 03:58 PM

Alright, so I have a 2012 alien invasion. It has never been played with, and fired only a few times. So whenever I let it sit, and air it up it leaks. My bolt is not getting sucked back. It leaks, and the bolt stays forward. I pull back on the bolt, and there is tension like air is pushing it forward. I called alien, and they said it was probably because someone replaced an oring with one too small. The only thing is is thag I have never replaced an oring on the gun. The same issue happened before, and he told me to tweak with my lpr and other things, not the rammer. Anyways, I took my ranmer out, put a drop of oil on the orings, and tried again. Still nothing... He said that it could not be lpr. Any help?

Smart Parts Epiphany Help (Anyone with Ion/ Smart Parts experience)

04 March 2014 - 12:02 PM

Alright, so while digging around in my closet I happen to find an old smart parts epiphany that I had acquired years ago. I knew the gun wasn't functioning, but I decided to air it up to see just what was wrong. It was leaking behind the trigger, not really sure from where. I took the gun apart, and took a look at things. My eyes were broken, and I disabled them. Fortunately, I could hear the solenoid making a noise as I pulled the trigger. I took out the bolt, put some fresh lube on it, and put back the 30 parts required to take the bolt out (gotta love smart parts) Anyways, I aired it up and shot it. The gun is cycling, but it is still leaking. Any ideas as to what this could be? Any help is appreciated! My little brother finally wants to play some paintball with me this summer, and having this gun work would provide me with 2 working setups.

Never played with 2012 Alien Invasion

08 June 2013 - 04:06 PM

Marker:2012 Alien Invasion
Color: Purple
Upgrades: Stock
Known Problems: Zero
Asking Price: 450. I want to see trade offers. I have no rush to part with this.
Shipping Options: Flat rate
Trades of interest: OFFER ANYTHING
Location of item: Vermont
What is Included:Gun, spares, barrel kit, alien gat wrap.

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Beautiful Ego7

09 April 2013 - 04:22 PM

Marker: Ego7
Color:Blue and orangey/gold
Upgrades: I believe it has some upgrades, but I am not entirely sure. I will say none, and if you get lucky you get lucky (:
Known Problems: NONE
Asking Price:350 (obo and I want trades)
Shipping Options: Dat FLATRATE (Free)
Trades of interest: Offer anything! I can add. I like good looking colors. DOWNGRADERS COME!!!!
Location of item: Vermont
What is Included: Box, gun, barrel, and maybe something free if you are nice and easy to work with (:

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^^^^^ It is around the length of 1 cat.